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Recordings - INDIA 2006 – DVD Recordings available.

You can order the complete DVD registration of all workshops and panels 
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Presenter Name Country Title of Presentation
Mary Lee LaBay USA Soul Retrieval during Past Life Regression
Andy Tomlinson UK Energy & Body Awareness in Regression Therapy
Gayla Reiter USA Accessing Past Life Memories using Toning, Color & the Chakras to heal Present Life Issues/Patterns
Pavel Gyngazov Russia Human & Non-Human Reincarnations: Sequential or Random?
Yogesh Choudhary India Therapeutic Intervention of Regression: Diagnosing & Treating Body Organs in Physical Illnesses
Dorothy Neddermeyer USA Treating Abuse Trauma in Adults
Horia Nita Italy Emotional Hypnosis: A Way to Induce Age & Past Life Regression
Charlene Ackerman USA Silent Regression Session – A Non-Invasive Hypno-Therapy Technique
Newton Kondaveti India Breath as an Invaluable Tool in PLR Field
Walter Semkiw USA Return of the Revolutionaries: Objective Evidence of Reincarnation
Cindy Blum USA Rediscovering our Gifts from Ancient Times – Using them in the Present Globally
Hans TenDam Netherlands Finding & Releasing Polar Past-Life Experiences in the Body
Yuvraj Kapadia India EFT as an Adjunct to Pre, Post & Intra Regression Sessions for Emotional Stability
Lucy Baker Australia Clearing Decisions, Vows, & Oaths from Past Lives
Lucy Baker Australia Part II of Lucy Baker – Spirit Release etc.
Angelina Ahumada Mexico Three Powerful Techniques for Regression Therapists
Anita Groenendijk Netherlands The Use of Muscle Testing/Kinesiology with Reincarnation Therapy
Ilja van de Griend Netherlands Life-between-Lives Regression
Mario Resende Portugal Remote Healing in Regression Therapy
Dolores Cannon USA Working with ET/UFO Abduction Cases and Alien Past Lives
Marjorie Reynolds Canada Past Life Activities in the Astrological Chart.
RESEARCH PANEL N/A Moderator:  Marion Boon
SPIRITUALITY PANEL N/A Moderator:  Sunny Satin
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