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Reconnecting: Overcoming Dissociation and Alienation
Joyce Z. Meyers
04/09/2008 08:30

Objectives: Participate in experiential encounters with the self as you work with alternative approaches to accessing internal states. These states unite psyche and spirit and begin the transformation of ÒdarkÓ emotions into a motivational healing force. As a result of the workshop, you will be able to:

1) Gain deeper awareness of your clientÕs, as well as your own, internal structure through simple therapeutic art and visualization.
2) Unlock opposing mind battles and step out of ÒtrappedÓ thinking.
3) Access and work with alienated personality parts and the cast that lies within to develop bonding, harmony and an internal democracy.
4) Set boundaries with negative ego introjects.
5) Locate and work with wisdom figures to realign the internal response structure.
6) Develop a holistic view of symptoms and the core traumas they reflect.
7) Learn powerful techniques for uncovering blocked emotions and assist in clearing them from the body/mind.

Description: The focus of this workshop is to provide alternative approaches to accessing and interacting with internal states of light and dark. We will be utilizing trance, imagery, therapeutic art, and expressive work to help create an internal system in alignment with the high self. There are younger self parts needing tending; negative introjects requiring boundary setting; wisdom figures, healing symbols, and power animals to be embraced; and ÒdarkÓ emotions to be respected, expressed and transformed.

The Insertion of Deep Memory Process - DMP by Roger Woolger in the work of Family Constellations.
Márcia Daian
04/09/2008 08:30

In the practice of the work with family constellations we often come across representatives of people who have died and who belong to the family system of the client constellating, dead people who were bitter about their death. The representatives' reactions during the constellations were of revolt, sadness, hate, depression, paralysis. Inserting the knowledge acquired in the DMP training regarding the work with discarnate spirits, we notice the deep effectiveness of this method in the harmonization of the dead person's spirit and of the client constellating.

1 - To demonstrate how the DMP technique works with discarnate spirits and how to apply it to the Family Constellations method.
2 - To demonstrate how to use psychotherapy with the spirits of ancestors and dead relatives and, mainly, of dead or aborted children.

Five Powerful NLP Techniques for Connection in Past Fives: Learn Keys to Overcome Dissociation
Angelina Ahumada
04/09/2008 08:30

Objectives :
Participants will be able to use:

* 5 powerful NLP techniques: Perception Intelligences, Precision Model, Logic Levels, Times Lines and Anchors
* The person’s mental syntax (channels of perception priorities)
* Develop questions to promote reconnection and association
* The keys to contact the unconscious mind and overcome dissociation
* Most frequent symbols
* Their creativity and imagination when building therapeutic metaphors using the client’s symbols to promote reconnection.

Perception Intelligences, Precision Model, Logic Levels will be explained and participants will apply knowledge in an exercise to overcome dissociation. Group exercise to identify participants’ Channels of Perception. By understanding these principles, participants will grasp the keys to reconnection. Demonstration of a regression using a Time Line to reconnect to significant events and anchor resources. Exercise to identify most frequent symbols. Participants will build and live the magic of a therapeutic metaphor using the client’s symbols. Learning is fun with accelerated learning techniques!

Our Deepest Loneliness – Finding the Source and the Way Out
Hans W. TenDam
04/09/2008 08:30

Aims of the workshop (Short description of the workshop)

Explain and demonstrate methods to get to the deepest root of loneliness of a person and to transform that into a reconnecting experience: with other souls, with the spiritual world, with humankind on this planet or with the source: wherever lies the deepest split, the deepest sense of being disconnected.

* Know at least three different ways to find the deepest loneliness
* Know at least three ways to attain full catharsis
* Know at least three ways to anchor the results of such a session

Examples from sessions will be given. The main kinds of loneliness will be illustrated with their main causes. Ways to deal therapeutically and cathartically with these uncovered experiences and inner conclusions will be discussed, as well as the main resources people can find in themselves to find resolution and completion.

* Examples from sessions.
* The main causes
* The main therapeutic interventions
* The main resources
* Group session
* 1 or 2 individual demos

1-4 is lecture based on powerpoint presentation. Estimated time 1 hour
Group session: estimated time 1/2 hour
Individual demos: estimated time 1 hour

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Reconnection - After the Trauma
Dorothy M. Neddermeyer
04/09/2008 14:00

Participate in experiential encounters with the self as you work with holistic approaches to accessing internal states of trauma. These techniques reconnect physical, psyche and spirit and begin the transformation of ‘shock, trauma and dissociation’ into a motivational healing process.

Through an interactive and experiential format, participants will learn:

* Definition — Core Emotional/Spiritual Trauma
* Three Stages — Victim, Survivor, Thriving — Identify present stage
* Identify Mental Causes for Physical Illness – Metaphysical Healing
* Identify Trauma After Effects
* Definition — False Memory
* Identify hidden childhood trauma survivors
* Identify hidden issues beyond symptoms
* Uncovering blocked emotions

The Role of Breathing in the Retrieval of Past-Life Memories & Releasement of Deep-Rooted Traumas
Newton Kondaveti
04/09/2008 14:00


* Present the advantages of using Breathing Techniques in Past-Life-Regression to help in breaking down the resistance of the clients.
* Demonstrate various Breathing Techniques that are invaluable while working with clients who do not respond to conventional methods of Past-Life-Regression, and explain how they work.
* Explain the role of Breath as a unique tool for reliving and releasing the deep-rooted traumatic memories of Past-Lives
* Explain the role of Breath as a simple, yet powerful tool for transforming all fear-based emotions into love-based emotions
* Demonstrate how to release the traumatic birth memories called ‘Birth Trauma’ by using Breathwork.
* Present the benefits of breath practices as rejuvenating, cleansing, and purifying agents which can be taught to all the Past-Life-Regression clients so that they can continue these practices even after the completion of Past-Life-Regression sessions.

All memories that are stored deep in our psyches can be brought into conscious awareness by following simple Intuitive techniques of Breathwork that acknowledge the ‘Energy/Life-Force giving principle’ in the Breath. Intuitive breathing focuses on breathing-in Energy. Therefore it constantly merges our body with its life giving and life renewing Source thereby helping us to reach to a deeper level of awareness where past-life-memories can be understood, processed, resolved, released, transformed and completely healed

Retrieval and Integration of the different “Selves” in Children
Alice Cabral
04/09/2008 14:00

Regression therapy allows us to make a deep trip inside of ourselves, revealing the scenario of our different “selves” to our consciousness. With resources for therapeutic procedures which induce regression, children can evoke “selves” from supposed past lives, ancestors’ images, dissociated elements of the psyche (parts of the soul or spiritual presences), and elements from Shadow (as in C. G. Jung).

Offering a voice to each “inner self”, we can access the history behind a symptom, an emotion or thought, or a limiting behavior. Working symbolically the unfinished issue of the character (one of the “inner selves”), we can rescue and integrate a psyche element, consequently leading to a deep transformation inside the child, which will have effects in the transformation of the symptom and in the wellness.

In this workshop we will talk about a body of techniques which help in the exploration of the different “inner selves” from the subjective child scenario. We will also talk about procedures for rescuing, reconnecting and integrating these dissociated psyche elements. Besides theoretical enrichment with cases presentations, we will also have experiential group activities, accessing the inner children and using some techniques to access the “inner selves”.

Transpersonal Psychoanalysis - Associating Psychoanalysis And Past Life Therapy
João Carvalho Neto
Research Panel
04/09/2008 17:30

To present a theoretical model of the psyche and its function, composing the concepts of Psychoanalytical Theory and Past Life Therapy, demonstrating its applicability in the analytical setting.

* To demonstrate the pertinence of the relationship between Psychoanalysis and Past Life Therapy in the structuring of the Theory of Transpersonal Psychoanalysis;
* To present the theoretical model of the human psyche based on the Psychoanalytical Theory associated to the concept of the soul’s immortality;
* To demonstrate the function of the human mind based on the Theory of Transpersonal Psychoanalysis;
* To demonstrate the action of psychic forces in the soul’s evolutionary path using the Transpersonal Psychoanalytical model;
* To present aspects of the human mind’s pathological construction and its treatment possibilities with based on Transpersonal Psychoanalysis.

Transpersonal Psychoanalysis is an association of the Psychoanalytical Theory with Past Life Therapy, composing a theoretical and therapeutic model which accomplishes the complementation of Freudian Psychoanalysis principles to the soul’s immortality. It proposes that it isn’t enough to relive traumatic facts, but to understand which psychic predispositions impeded the elaboration of those facts, remaining present when reestablishing old traumas or creating new ones.The complexes and traumas studied by Psychoanalysis may have been experienced in the current life or in past lives, leaving their marks in the present.

Objective Evidence of Reincarnation Featuring the Case of Alberto Santos-Dumont
Walter Semkiw
Research Panel
04/09/2008 17:30

The objectives of the presentation are to clearly review independently researched reincarnation cases that provide objective evidence of reincarnation and to discuss implications of this research. After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

* Cite cases researched by Ian Stevenson, MD, of the University of Virginia, which demonstrate that individuals have the same facial features and personality traits from one incarnation to another. These cases demonstrate that the period between incarnations can be short, even as little as 10 days.
* Cite other independently researched cases which demonstrate that not only facial features, but that aptitudes, passions and talents can remain consistent. In the independently researched case of Paul Gauguin/Peter Teekamp, it is shown that sketches were unconsciously replicated from a prior incarnation. Replication of talent is also observed in the child prodigy cases of Pablo Picasso/Alexandra Nechita and Anne Frank/Barbro Karlen. The case involving the reincarnation of Brazilian national hero Alberto Santos-Dumont demonstrates how mechanical aptitude and a passion for flight have recurred in a contemporary incarnation of Santos-Dumont.
* Describe the phenomenon of “split incarnation” or “parallel lives,” in which a soul animates more than one body at a time. Split incarnation is objectively demonstrated in reincarnation cases involving Penney Peirce. In addition, the Ian Stevenson case in which reincarnation occurred within 10 days of death of the prior personality constitutes a case of split incarnation, as the soul was present in an incarnate individual and a developing fetus at the same time.
* Be better prepared to validate reincarnation cases that are discovered through regression therapy, as demonstrated in the case of Carroll Beckwith/Robert Snow
* Be better prepared to explain the process of reincarnation, based on cases presented
* Explain how reincarnation can help make the world a more peaceful place, as objective evidence of reincarnation demonstrates that we can change religious, national and ethnic affiliation from one incarnation to another, as demonstrated in the Barbro Karlen/Anne Frank case, as well as cases studied by Ian Stevenson. This knowledge could have prevented the Holocaust and can help mitigate fighting that we now witness in the Middle East.
* Be better prepared to discuss reincarnation and regression therapy with the media and with representatives of professional organizations, such as those made up of social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and other physicians. Objective evidence of reincarnation will help regression therapists make inroads into these professional organizations. As an example, a research physician associated with the organization of Dean Ornish, MD, who works extensively as a consultant to large medical organizations in the US, has recently become interested in objective evidence of reincarnation and hopes to bring this evidence to physician organizations in the US.

Description of Workshop
I will review independently researched reincarnation cases studied by Ian Stevenson, MD, and other researchers which demonstrate that individuals have the same facial features, personality traits, passions and talents from one incarnation to another. Analyses of linguistic writing structure, artistic development and the talent of child prodigies will be used in providing evidence of reincarnation. A DVD featuring Barbro Karlen, who has had memories since childhood of being Anne Frank, will be shown. Cases researched by Walter Semkiw, MD, in conjunction with Kevin Ryerson, will also be presented.

Quantum Approaches to Consciousness and Its Hypnotic State
Margarita Videnova-Lett
Research Panel
04/09/2008 17:30


* This Poster Presentation will allow hypnotherapists, medical professionals, behavioral and psychotherapists to view consciousness in a wider perspective, not only as a function of the material brain.
* Participants will be able to provide a scientific explanation to their clients how hypnosis works on the basis of quantum physics’ laws .
* If practitioners can explain scientifically the functions of hypnosis, clients will be more trustful and cooperative because they will understand that there is nothing mysterious about hypnotism.
* Understanding the hypnotic process that occurs in clients’ mind will increase their willingness and readiness to experience hypnosis. T his may decrease the number of patients who are skeptical of hypnosis; thus, more people can benefit from the hypnotic phenomenon.
* By using a scientific approach to hypnosis, hypnotherapists’ practice will become more valuable and effective which will increase the number of clients.
* Applying the new learning about the quantum approaches to consciousness and its hypnotic state into practice, will raise practitioners’ professional recognition; practitioners will be viewed by their clients as knowledgeable and scientifically informed individuals.

The poster presentation on Quantum Approaches to Consciousness and Its Hypnotic State will intrigue everyone who is interested in this fascinating material, the interaction between human consciousness and its hypnotic state viewed through the quantum physics’ laws. It is widely accepted that consciousness is correlated to the behavior of the material brain. Several approaches answering this question will be surveyed. To uncover the true nature of the hypnotic state of consciousness, contemporary research on hypnosis and its function viewed through the Quantum Field Theory (QFT) will be highlighted. QFT is one of the main scientific theories and the most fundamental theory of matter that is currently available. This theory, used by scientists to demonstrate the interactions between charged particles and the electromagnetic field, will be interpreted to explain the relationship between consciousness and hypnosis .

Also, the workshop will include demonstration of a group hypnosis session and discussion.

Reconnection, Alienation and War Veterans: PTSS - The Warriors' Woe
Marion Boon
05/09/2008 08:30

This workshop will provide insights in the problems and psychological conditions leading to PTSS or PTSD. Dissociation and alienation are core issues in the problem veterans encounter on their homecoming. Family members do not know nor understand what they went through, trust in society and authority is often gone, trust in themselves can be severely damaged. PTSS-sufferers have insomnia and nightmares, they constantly alert and prepared and their reactions in daily life can lead to confrontation and trouble. Family problems and economic problems are growing and treatment fails. Psychiatrists speak of 'stress disorder' thereby disregarding the special situation of veterans in comparison to other civilians who suffer PTSS.

Reconnecting can be a severe problem for them. In this workshop participants will experience who techniques of Regression therapy help a veteran heal himself, reconnect with his own soul and personality parts, and get him started in the process of reconnecting to society.

Body Wisdom and Soul Retrieval
Anita Groenendijk
05/09/2008 08:30

Body wisdom is a way of working, using techniques from pastlife regression therapy, kinesiology and emotive therapy. It is a very quick way of finding causes of blockages, which can be blockages in life or blockages in actual regression sessions. Also it can be used for find if there are obsessive energies in the clients energysystem. So, It can be used either as a complete therapy, or as a technique as part of a regular session.

In the workshop, Dr. Anita Groenendijk will show the use of bodywisdom which works through muscle testing (from kinesiology) as a very useful tool in sessions. I will explain the background of using body wisdom, explain how it works, let the participants experience and practice the muscle testing, and demonstrate in two short sessions how it can be used.

In severe trauma, often parts of the soul disengage and apparently leave the person. In the workshop I will tell some more about soul loss and soul retrieval, and how bodywisdom can be used.

Therapeutic Regression using Spiritual Guides or Mentors - Reincarnation Psychotherapy
Mauro Kwitko
05/09/2008 08:30

Presentation objectives
Present this new psychotherapy based on reincarnation and how regression is used as its main tool. After presentation participants will be able to understand more clearly the notion of “congenital personality”, re-read their childhood in a reincarnationist perspective, know what are the “triggers” and “traps” of the incarnated life, find their “inner transformation” and be able to take more advantages of this Earth time.

Show what is Reincarnation Psychotherapy – reincarnation in the psychotherapy office – and Therapeutic Regression, made by people’s Spiritual Mentors, which conciliates Regression Therapy and the Forgetness Law (without stimulating people to recognize relatives and friends during the regressive process), to provide the full disconnection of traumatic facts from past lives (with the remembrance going until the time between lives) and the expansion of self knowledge in order people can find their “congenital personality” and their present proposal of “inner transformation” in it.

Life between Lives
Paul Aurand
05/09/2008 14:00

* Learn the essential steps for facilitating life between lives regressions
* Identifying therapeutic opportunities every step of the way
* Explore what happens after the PLR death scene
* Discover life’s purpose and soul lessons
* Meet guides, soul groups, and council of elders

We will present and demonstrate the essential steps for facilitating a life between lives regression session including: bypassing the conscious mind through a unique body centered induction to access soul memories, how to attain and maintain the deeper level of trance needed for entry into the spiritual realm and the specialized methodology used to facilitate the journey “Home” where we meet loved ones and guides for life review and to explore life purpose and soul lessons.

We will conduct an actual live LBL regression and review a number of case studies of these profoundly life altering regression sessions.

Past Life Therapy According to the Vision of the Brazilian Society of Past Life Therapy - SBTVP
Davidson Lemela
05/09/2008 14:00

- To describe the fundamental guidelines and the philosophical bases used by SBTVP to guide a Past Life Therapy process, from the interview and anamnesis until the therapeutic discharge.

5 topics which the participants will be enabled to practice after having taken the workshop:

- Enlarged vision of TVP concepts as seen by SBTVP.
- To identify the possible performance of "presences" associated to the complaints the patient brought to therapy.
- Character approach in a PLT process.
- The concept of integration sessions applied to the support reprogramming in a PLT process.
- The concept of "ectoplasm", its symptoms and inter-occurrences in the PLT process.

Description of the presentation
- The concept of reincarnation under the scientific hypothesis and the most recent researches.
- Identification of the symptoms unchained by traumatic events that happened in "past lives".
- Approach of SBTVP’s technique used for therapeutic ends and without the use of hypnosis.
- Approach of "presences", according to SBTVP’s methodology (many of the complaints brought to the therapy are related to the interference of "presences).
- Character approach, according to SBTVP’s methodology (from the clinical point of view, the character is a fundamental aspect in the PLT process. It is essential when the effective recovery of the patient is desired).

The Time is : NowRegression Therapy with Children and Adolescents
Christine Alisa
05/09/2008 14:00

“Regression Therapy with Children and Adolescents: The Time is Now” is a workshop that welcomes Regression Therapists whether they be new to the field, experienced with adults or just interested in child therapy. Participants will have an opportunity to hear about the success Christine Alisa has enjoyed merging Regression Therapy and Child Therapy to treat issues such as ADHD, PTSD, and behavior problems. They will see an actual videotaped session with a child and witness the reconnection the child experiences with his authentic self.

The second half of the workshop is experiential. Participants will watch a demonstration with the use of clay with Regression Therapy, and then will work with a partner using the clay and the process they have learned. They will walk away with excitement and confidence, enabling them to help children work through the issues that have brought about disassociation in their lives.

The Hero Journey; Death, Individuation and Rebirth in Psychotherapy, Regression and Healing
Roger Woolger
06/09/2008 08:30

The workshop begins with a slides, poetry and music to evoke the “descent into the unconscious” implicit in the hero journey that underlays all deep therapeutic process. In the following commentary Dr Woolger presents past life therapy as a species of C.G. Jung’s individuation process which inevitably entails a lonely "journey to hell", and an encounter with the Shadow and the “noce oscura da alma” (dark night of the soul) of Juan de la Cruz, that are a preparation for a spiritual re-birth into higher or expanded consciousness.

ALIGNING THE SOUL - How to use Spiritual Archetypes in Regression Therapy
Judith Benevides
06/09/2008 08:30

The higher archetypes are the energy fields of positive synthesis (it integrates the developed qualities of the masculine and feminine), located beyond the positive-negative bipolarity.

They are directly accessible through "alignment" and they aid therapeutic sessions collaborating with: the amplifying of consciousness, healing transformations of the subtle bodies and in the work with "extra-related personalities" (obsessors).

The benefits to the participating therapists are to have one more instrument for multidimensional connection, one which is extremely practical, simple, safe and efficient.

The objective of Workshop is to demonstrate a procedure and principles that aid and accelerate the therapeutic work in many stages of the regressive process through:

* Becoming aware of the connection with Nature and with Transcendence, and how to apply it therapeutically;
* Necessary cares with energy transformations;
* To build the Alignment;
* In which moments of therapy to apply it;
* Facilitating principles and practices in the work with negativities (the development of an attitude).

Use of Parallel Realities to Heal Emotional / Physical Traumas Arising from Unresolved Past Lives
Yuvraj Kapadia
06/09/2008 08:30

Human existence presupposes the dual role of destiny and choice. Destiny gets linked to our incomplete learnings from past unhealed affiliations and choice represents the awareness level of our consciousness at a given point of time. All possible choices represent potential parallel realities of existence. Inappropriate choices based on ignorance often result in trauma. The workshop revolves around putting a client in touch with the unhealed emotional fragment of a past existence and subsequently using the client’s own divine guidance to rectify the damage by empowering consciousness to live out a different reality which represents the highest/appropriately resolved potential.

Objectives: The workshop aims at empowering therapists with a practical and quick approach to enable emotional / physical resolutions arising from unresolved past lives bypassing the subjective approach of reframing/re-scripting used in classical PLT approach.

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to achieve the following:
- Put clients in touch with their unhealed and disassociated emotional fragments stuck at the level of their sub-conscious mind; in a short period of time.
- Get clients to understand the source or the origin of the discomfort or trauma being experienced in their current life.
- Involve the client’s own intuition or inner guidance to seek resolution.
- Provide the client with a deep fundamental understanding of the way their life is functioning.
- Empower the client to come to the most appropriate resolution possible without the subjective involvement of the therapist

Past Life Memories of Children: Opportunities for Healing the Soul
Carol Bowman
06/09/2008 14:00

Carol Bowman, MS, author of Children’s Past Lives and Return FromHeaven first became interested in children’s past life memories when both of her young children had their own memories. In this workshop, she will share with you some of the remarkable stories she has collected over the past twenty years of young children who have spontaneous past life memories. She will explain how to identify these memories from fantasy, how to respond to a child who has a past life memory, and the healing effects these memories have on both children and the adults around them

Karma: The Foundation of Regression Therapy. Different Kinds of Karma Linked to Levels of the Spirit World. Clearing Karma
Aarti Khosla
06/09/2008 14:00

The presentation will start from the bodies, self and its deficiencies which become the cause of KARMIC debts, moving to positive credits and different types of KARMA at micro and macro levels. The healing process through which KARMIC clearing begins and encompassing the effects of the THEORY OF KARMA on free will, LBL and other therapy sessions . In short how it affects the very foundation of our clients therapy sessions, and is a constant as well.

Audience: Inter-Advance

To understand the deeper implications of KARMA, how and why it is created and using this to move towards completion.
Based on Ancient Indian Texts, revealing the mystery of Free Will, is it really available to us
This will broaden the knowledge base of therapists vis a vis stubborn blockages / recurring events over lifetimes and KARMIC patterns.
Participants will understand the ‘self’ and its different aspects at play during Earth time and in between lives.
Knowledge about the different ‘Kinds of KARMA’ created will assist in absolving of the same.

An Experiential Journey to the Hall of Records Exploring Past Lives through the Akashic Records
Marjorie V. Reynolds
06/09/2008 14:00

The workshop presents a way of accessing the Akashic Records of past lifetimes. It is designed to provide an overview of a universal supercomputer database. It includes accessing the records, their influence, and how present choices and behaviors determine possibilities. An experiential segment will provide an opportunity for you to explore a part of your individual record.

You will have an opportunity to learn

* Accessing the records of past lifetimes
* Applying the interconnectedness between choice and karma
* Understanding cyclic patterns: why we encounter/attract certain types of people and experiences
* Perceiving the Akashic Graph as an awareness of probabilities
* How to help people with the processing of the information at the conscious level after the experiential session

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