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Congress DVDs are available for sale WCRT3 Previous Congresses

Thank you for your interest in purchasing our DVD's. We will be sending you via e-mail, the total cost of the items, including shipping and handling. Please use contact form.

Author Description
Aarti Khosla Karma: The Foundation of Regression Therapy. Different Kinds of Karma Linked to Levels of the Spirit World. Celaring Karma 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Alice Cabral Retrieval and Integration of the different "Selves" in children 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Angelina Ahumada Five Powerful NLP Techniques for Connection in Past Fives: Learn Keys to Overcome Dissociation 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Anita Groenendijk Body Wisdom and Soul Retrieval 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Carol Bowman Past Life Memories of Children: Opportunites for Healing the Soul. 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Christine Alisa The Time is Now- Regression Therapy with Children and Adolescents 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Davidson Lemela Past Life Therapy According to the Vision of the Brazilian Society of Past Life Therapy- SBTVP 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Dorothy M. Neddermeyer Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Reconnection - After the Trauma. 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Hans TenDam Our Deepest Loneliness- Finding the Source and the Way Out 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Joyce Z. Meyers Reconnecting: Overcoming Dissociation and Alienation 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Judith Benevides ALIGNING THE SOUL- How to use Spiritual Archetypes in Regression Therapy 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Márcia Daian The Insertion of Deep Memory Process- DMP by Roger Woolger in the work of Family Constellations 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Marion Boon Reconnection, Alienation and War Veterans: PTSS- The Warriors' Woe 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Marjorie Reinolds An Experiential Journey to the Hall of Records Exploring Past Lives through the Akashic Records 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Mauro Kwitiko Therapeutic Regression using Spiritual Guides or Mentors- Reencarnation on Psychotherapy 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Newton Kondaveti The Role of Breathing in the Retrieval of Past-Life Memories & Releasement of Deep-Rooted Traumas 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Paul Aurand Life between Lives 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Roger Woolger The Hero Journey; Death, Individuation and Rebirth in Psychotherapy, Regression and Healing 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Yuvraj Kapadia Use oj Parallel Realities to Heal Emotional/Physical Traumas Arising from Unresolved Past Lives 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Research Panel
Author Description
João Carvalho Neto Transpersonal Psychoanalysis- Associating Psychoanalysis and Past Life Therapy 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Margarita Videnova-Lett Quantum Approaches to consciousness and its Hypnotic State 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Mário Simões Reliving and Imagining- How Soma react? 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Mirzna San Jose Scientific Bases of PLT 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Walter Semkiw Objective Evidence of Reincarnation Featuring the Case of Alberto Santos-Dumont 20.00 US$ 15.00€
Author Description
Debate Debate 20.00 US$ 15.00€
All Congress DVDs
Author Description
Kit com todos/All DVDs All Congress DVD's (Total of 22 DVD's) 350.00 US$ 260.00€
Author Description
Cerimônias/Cerimonies Ceremonies- Opening Ceremony, Shows, Ending 14.00 US$ 10.00€
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