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09/03  Wednesday

20:00 – Official Opening
20:30 – Opening Dinner
21:00 – Opening Show – VOICE AND GUITAR

DIA Presenter Theme  do Workshop


08:30 h

W.S 01 JOYCE Z. MEYERS (EUA) Reconnecting: Overcoming Dissociation and Alienation.
W.S 02 MÁRCIA DAIAN (BRASIL) The Insertion of Deep Memory Process - DMP by Roger Woolger in the work of Family Constellations.
W.S 03 ANGELINA AHUMADA (MÉXICO) Five Powerful NLP Techniques for Connection in Past Fives: Learn Keys to Overcome Dissociation..
W.S 04 HANS TEM DAM (HOLANDA) Our Deepest Loneliness – Finding the Source and the Way Out
14:00 h W.S 05 DOROTHY M. NEDDERMEYER PHD (EUA) Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Reconnection - After the Trauma.
W.S 06 NEWTON KONDAVETI (INDIA) The Role of Breathing in the Retrieval of Past-Life Memories & Releasement of Deep-Rooted Traumas.
W.S 07 ALICE CABRAL (PORTUGAL) Retrieval and Integration of the different “Selves” in Children.
PP 01 JOÃO CARVALHO NETO (BRASIL) Transpersonal Psychoanalysis - Associating Psychoanalysis And Past Life Therapy.
PP 02 WALTER SEMKIW, MD (EUA) Objective Evidence of Reincarnation Featuring the Case of Alberto Santos-Dumont
PP 03 MARGARITA VIDENOVA-LETT (EUA) Quantum Approaches to Consciousness and Its Hypnotic State.
PP 04 MIRZNA SAN JOSE (BRASIL) Scientific Bases of PLT
PP 05 MÁRIO SIMÕES (PORTUGAL) Reliving and Imagining - How Soma react?
20:00 – Dinner;
20:30  -Cultural Event: CAPOEIRA’S PRESENTATION


08:30 h

W.S 08 MARION BOON (HOLANDA) Reconnection, Alienation and War Veterans: PTSS - The Warriors' Woe.
W.S 09 ANITA GROENENDIJK (HOLANDA) Body Wisdom and Soul Retrieval.
W.S10 MAURO KWITIKO (BRASIL) Therapeutic Regression using Spiritual Guides or Mentors - Reincarnation Psychotherapy
14:00 h W.S11 PAUL AURAND (EUA) Life between Lives.
W.S12 DAVIDSON LEMELA Past Life Therapy According to the Vision of the Brazilian Society of Past Life Therapy – SBTVP.
WS 13 CHRISTINE ALISA (EUA) The Time is Now - Regression Therapy with Children and Adolescents
20:00 –  Dinner;
20:30 - Cultural Event: DANCE HALL WITH DANCE CLASS


08:30 h

WS 14 ROGER WOOLGER (INGLATERRA) The Hero Journey; Death, Individuation and Rebirth in Psychotherapy, Regression and Healing.
WS 15 JUDITH BENEVIDES (BRASIL) ALIGNING THE SOUL - How to use Spiritual Archetypes in Regression Therapy
WS 16 YUVRAJ  KAPADIA (ÍNDIA) Use of Parallel Realities to Heal Emotional / Physical Traumas Arising from Unresolved Past Lives.
14:00 h WS 17 CAROL BOWMAN (EUA) Past Life Memories of Children: Opportunities for Healing the Soul.
WS 18 AARTI KHOSLA (ÍNDIA) Karma: The Foundation of Regression Therapy. Different Kinds of Karma Linked to Levels of the Spirit World. Clearing Karma.
WS 19 MARJORIE REINOLDS (CANADÁ) An Experiential Journey to the Hall of Records Exploring Past Lives through the Akashic Records.
17:30 h DEBATE
20:00 – Dinner;
20:30  - Cultural Event.  GROUP OF SAMBA PRESENTATION



Option 1 - City tour in Rio de Janeiro: Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer, Historical center;
Option 2 - Spiritual activity: Trance Painting.


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