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Reconnection is the theme of the next World Congress. Members of the Congress Comittee considered the problems we are solving with regression therapy. Obvious examples are fears, depression, inhibitions and psychosomatic complaints. Then there are the different kinds of loneliness: isolation, abandonment, betrayal, and alienation. The Congress wants to concentrate on two fundamental poles of disconnection:

Dissociation: being disconnected from our emotions or from our body.
Alienation: being disconnected from our source, our “home”.
We could talk about physical and spiritual disconnection respectively.

Although we remain open to any workshop proposal that is interesting to practicing regression therapists, we especially invite colleagues who want to share their way of working with dissociation or alienation, who can illustrate this with examples and give practical demonstrations and group exercises. We are extra interested in approaches that deal with one of this issues without ignoring the other, i.e. spiritual reconnection that is grounded in the body, and physical reconnection that is healing the soul.

As we are planning smaller collegial discussion and exchange groups, we also invite congress participants to propose topics related to the general congress theme they should want to discuss with fellow-regressionists. If we accept your proposal, we will suggest a moderator for your discussion group, and we expect the two of you to prepare the discussion group. All discussion groups, as well as the workshops, will be taped.

We think Brazil is an appropriate place for this congress theme as Brazilians are great believers in the spiritual and in reincarnation and at the same time are known for their appreciation of the emotional and bodily.

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