Activities: descriptions and objectives


Activities: descriptions and objectives WCRT4 Previous Congresses

The Program includes different activities and each one has an specific focus.


The Workshops will last 3 hours and will focus on clinical practice in PLT/RT and should have at least 50% of vivencial activities.
The 18 Workshop contents will be introduced along the registrations, chosen among the proposals by the Committee.
We look for workshop and discussion proposals that are interesting to practicing regression therapists, especially when related to the congress theme. We especially invite colleagues to share their ways of working, illustrating regression practices with examples, giving practical demonstrations and group exercises. We are also interested in research in our field.
The 4th World Congress on Regression Therapy invites you to be a Presenter.
Proposals will be evaluated by 3 Members of the Committee based on the following:

  • Quality of content, timeliness, relevance to Congress theme.
  • Presenters background and professional/speaking experience.
  • Thoroughness and accuracy of proposal forms and documents.
  • Appropriateness for Regression Therapists.
  • Quality of proposal compared to others submitted regarding same or similar topics.
  • Diversity of Presenters from various countries and Geographical locations.
  • Priority for evaluation given to those who have registered early.
  • All presenters must speak English for universal understanding by attendees


“Controversial themes in our field will be discussed. You may check the suggested themes by clicking here. As you may see, they always present possibilities of different points of view. When registering, choose one of the themes to be debated and one of the positions to defend. You may change your choice until the event starts. At the registration, you may also give your opinion on the chosen position. These contributions will be analyzed and may be used in the planning of the Debate.
At the time of the activity, the participants will be divided into sub-groups according to the Theme and Position chosen. Debaters of different Themes defending different positions will be invited so as to broaden the points of view of each participant. The opinions will be stimulated by a moderator and registered by a reporter, who will hand in the results of the debates in the sub-groups to the big group. With this result, a summary of the debated points of view will be written and later made available to all participants.

Examples of themes:

  • Do we concentrate on symptoms or do we go straight to the underlying issues?
  • Is the reality of apparent memories important or not?
  • Do we evoke spiritual help or do we avoid that?
  • Should we enter old agonies or avoid them?
  • Do we seek to establish boundaries or do we seek to dissolve them?
  • Do we first go into the Shadow or do we go straight into the Light?

Thematic Encounter

“The goal of this activity is to gather therapists and professionals of our field who want to discuss or know a certain issue in our field. The idea is to receive suggestions throughout the following months regarding, for instance: what is going on in the field of TVP in my country, financial difficulties in TVP research, the therapeutic practiced in TVP, the spiritual issue in therapy, etc.”
You may register at any time in any of the Themes of the Meeting, send suggestions of new themes or change your choice to the subject that seems most interesting to you. The coordination may accept the suggestion or not, according to the adequacy of the available local structure for the activity, the alignment with Congress policy or relevance of the theme to the field.


“Presentation of Posters is one of the new activities that the WCRT4 is suggesting. The purpose is to gather the newest scientific contributions in our field. We will have three kinds of themes: Clinical Cases, Conceptual Reviews and Theoretical Contributions.
The Posters will be displayed in a place with easy access throughout the whole event and there will be a specific time, when the author of the work can offer further details to those who might be interested. The Posters must strictly follow the standard set by the WCRT4. To find out the criteria for Poster presentation click here.
The best work presented as Posters may be invited to an oral presentation in the Research Panel activity.”

Research Panel

The Research Panel is an activity which aim is to present the WCRT4 participants the most recent researches and its results to our field. It will be considered all proposals which contribute on establishing PLT/RT practice to scientific community and professional practice.
The Research Panel will proceed through oral presentation of the main results of research. Each guest will have some time to present and, by the end, it will be opened to public the possibility of asking about the content of presentation.
The Congress will accept 5 types of researches: Clinical Case, Monograph, Research, Systematic Revision and Theoretical Contribution.
The best work presented as Posters may be invited to an oral presentation in the Research Panel activity.
The Congress offer 20% discount on registering for Chosen Research Panel to be given on second installment of registration fee.

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