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In the past decades, regression therapy has emerged as a dynamic and vital therapeutic modality embracing both traditional and non-traditional disciplines. To delineate the field, we paraphrase the description by the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT): Regression Therapy focuses upon the discovery of the origins of a client's problem. It is client-centered. Regression therapy defies a narrow, rigid definition, but an important characteristic which distinguishes regression therapy is its trusting the intuition of clients to access subconscious material, focussing upon the discovery of the original causes of a client's problems, and accepting that exploring past lives, real or symbolic, with clients is productive.

Diversity: We look for workshop leaders and presenters that differ in education, experience, specialization and nationality.

Reputation: We look for workshop leaders and presenters with a track-record as writers, teachers or researchers.

Spirituality: We accept the transpersonal and parapsychological aspects in our work, like past lives, prenatal experience, out-of-body-experiences, telepathic influences and entity attachments.

Professionalism: Though we accept that many people benefit from spiritual interventions like readings, channeling, remote depossession and practices like Reiki, we look for professional psychotherapeutical methods that are based on the joint efforts of self-responsible therapists and self-responsible clients.

Professional associations and professional certification: The Congress aims to further international networking, and promotes membership of international organizations like IARRT and EARTh and certification by IBRT.

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