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Tulin Etyemez

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Marina Paula Eberth

Tulin Etyemez

Tulin has a Board Certification with IBRT as a level IV Past Life Regression Therapist.

Tulin obtained a B.S. degree of Geological Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in 1996. Studying earth science gave her a different perspective to understand the material world better. Besides of being a regression therapist, she also works as Clinical Project Manager of a pharmaceutical company.

During her early years at the university, she got interested in spiritual teachings. First, she became a member of Ankara Spiritual Investigations Society in 1992; a member of Metaphysical Investigations and Scientific Research Society (MISRS) in 1997 and a member of Foundation for Spreading the Knowledge to Unify Humanity (BILYAY Foundation) in 1998. Now, she is the vice president and board member of Bilyay Foundation and also, of MISRS.

Tulin gives lectures on spiritual psychology, inner development for more than 16 years, on such topics as regression therapy, consciousness studies, self-awareness, survival after death, holographic paradigm, human energy field and medicine, healing, parapsychology, paradigm shift in science, near death studies, life after death etc. She is also the chief editor of the monthly Spirit and Matter Magazine (in Turkish).

She was certified as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner of Median Therapies in 2007 by The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies (AAMET).

Tulin was one of the organizers of 1st Istanbul Parapsychology Conference in 2005, where she met regression therapy. She was trained by Jeffrey Ryan and Janet Cunningham in 2005 and 2006 and received certifications for Professional Regression Therapy Level I and II from The World Regression Institute. She acted as assistant to Jeffrey Ryan and Janet Cunningham for other regression trainings in Istanbul during 2008. She is now also organizing 2nd Istanbul Parapsychology Conference between 23 and 24 May 2009 in Istanbul (

Tulin is one of the founder members of The European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) which was established in August 2006 ( She is a board member of EARTh Association and she organizes Annual Conventions of EARTh every year.

For detailed information:

Skype: tulin.etyemez

Marion Boon

Marion teaches in the TASSO national and international programs – - provides Masterclasses and CEC in USA and Ireland. She is co-founder of the WCRT Regression Therapy World Congress and was on the Board for 2003 in Holland, 2006 in India and  for 2011 in Istanbul. She graduated from the professional training program 'Regression-and Reincarnation Therapy' with Hans Ten Dam. Additional training with Trisha Caetano, Morris Netherton, Roger Woolger, Michael Newton, Ken Wilber and Pieter Wierenga. Marion  is an IBRT-certified therapist and professional member of NVRT in The Netherlands, IARRT USA and EARTh in Europe.

In 2000 Marion started her international and multilingual IPARRT PRACTICE for Regression Therapy and Research, offering individual therapy, trainings, lectures and workshops. IPARRT organises, trains and mediates in training programs for regression therapy in various countries, bringing updated techniques and new approaches. A specialty named 'energy-surgery' is developed in advanced classes for therapists. A characteristic for IPARRT is the involvement in many layers of the society. Colleagues can join in the network and spread the practical applications of the 'ART- workshops', after a short post graduate intensive. More at

In 2001 Marion founded the MENSICS Institute – mens sana in corpore sano – where Regression Therapists can specialise in practical applications. They can become a Mensics Trainer and operate in the network of 'Intensive Trainings'. These trainings cover a program for teachers, care-helpers, medical professionals and more. Mensics offers a large variety of focused workshops for soldiers and veterans to help overcome PTSS, trauma teams, policemen, managers or leaders for individual focused empowerment, and also for adolescents - to help them find their paths in life, so called 'problem youth', and a personal empowerment program for very young mothers. More on this network, education and tailor-made products at

Before becoming a regression therapist Marion worked as a pranatherapist / magnetizer for 15 years; she studied Philosophy at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Initially she started her career as an international executive secretary. She lives in the Netherlands, she is an enthusiastic trainer who speaks Dutch, English, Spanish, German and French - 'not perfect but always with feeling'

Milton Menezes

Milton Menezes has had clinical experience in Regression Therapy since 1994. He is President of “Vita Continua Institute” (Brazil) that develops researches and holds training programs in Past-Life Therapy all over Brazil. Since 2004 these Training Programs are holding with Hans TenDam as a partner. He graduated from the Brazilian Society of Past-Life Therapy. He graduated in hypnosis from SOHIMERJ Medical Hypnosis Society, Rio de Janeiro, and conducted clinical research in Past-Life Therapy focusing on the treatment of panic disorder.

Milton graduated in Economics and Psychology. He has a Master’s degree in Psychology at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University).

Milton has authored Past-Life Therapy and Spiritualism – Distance and Approaches; The Meaning of Suffering - Overseeing the Challenge; Past-Life Therapy: a Therapy of the Future? (being printed). Milton developed his own methodology called Transformation of Consciousness Therapy – TCT.

He has a great experience in couching and mentoring for managers using his own methodology - TCT, Development people Programs into competency profiling, Entrepreneurship Programs with solutions to mental blocks and potential development, competency management and leadership programs.

He has spoken at several international for a including the First International Congress of Past-Life Therapy at SBTVP – Brazil; The Luso-Brasileiro Congress of Transpersonal Psychology at ALUBRAT, BRAZIL; the Brazilian Institute of Spiritual Culture. He is a Member of the Medical Spiritual Association of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He was the chairman of the 3rd World Congress for Regression Therapists in Brazil between 4 and 6 September 2008.

Bob Holmes

B.Sc., Dipl. F.S.E., CPLT

Bob Holmes obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo in 1973. He was exposed to the insurance field for a couple of years, and then became involved with his own inner work, including intensive regressive therapy. During this period, he became interested in bereavement counseling and funeral service; he has been a licensed Funeral Director since 1977. Retiring from the funeral business in 1986, Bob owned and operated a bookstore, which he sold in 2001 in order to practice regression therapy full-time.

Since 1992, in response to both his inner guidance and the express needs of the public, Bob has been helping motivated individuals face and resolve their own inner issues. He was granted IBRT certification as a Past Life Therapist in 1999. Other certifications include Master Hypnotist and Primal Integration Therapist. Bob is a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy, European Association for Regression Therapy and president of the International Primal Association (2006-2009).

In a nutshell, Bob provides a gentle and sensitive companioning of the client's process through altered state work to clear difficulties arising from current life, past lives, soul fragmentation or spirit attachment. He facilitates individual, group and intensive formats, on a short, medium, long-term or occasional basis -as needed - in Toronto.

For detailed information:

Marina Paula Eberth

Psychologist, M.A.
Psychologist-Psychotherapist License from the Danish Kingdom

I hold M.A. degree in Psychology and for more than 25 years I have practiced as a psychotherapist for individuals and groups and as a teacher and trainer for leadership training. As a therapist I have been trained in systems family therapy, gestalt therapy, existential psychotherapy, solution-focused brief therapy and regression. A long period for 18 years I worked as a lecturer, assistant professor and a trainer for school psychologists at Tallinn Pedagogical University.

An important addition to my professional training was my long-time ‘hobby’: an interest in spirituality and esoteric studies. I have been lucky to have met wise teachers and masters at the right moments of my life, and they have been generous enough to share their wisdom with me. Astrology, healing and shamanistic wisdom have been part of my world view since 1981.

Since 1998 I work with regression. My destiny brought me to Denmark in 1995. Here I received training in transpersonal psychology and psycho-spiritual facilitation. My teacher was Ingelise Emby, Danish facilitator of the Deva Foundation. This education opened up for me a new world of transpersonal experiences, regressions and past lives. At last I got a chance to fulfill my dream of many years: to connect my profession and my hobby.

I am the founder of the Holistic Therapy Institute (HTI) in Copenhagen (1998). The Institute trains psychotherapists to use holistic approach, regression method and the ideas of transpersonal psychology in their work. In 2006 the headquarters of HTI relocated to Estonia. Training programs, courses and workshops are conducted by psychotherapists and psychologists from Estonia and Denmark. The first group of graduates received their certificates after 3-year training program in holistic psychotherapy in summer 2006. At the moment there are 90 students studying at HTI.

Regression is an effective method, it gives fantastic possibilities to help different types of clients with different problems. WCRT4 Congress is an excellent opportunity for regressionists from different countries to get to know each other and develop the method. I am happy to be a Board member and give my part to the success of this remarkable event.

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