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Dear Colleagues our 2014 Congress is successfully over. Please, follow our website and make sure to register early enough for our next world congress in 2017 which will be held in India theme being "Unlocking Creativity".

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In the practice of Regression Therapy many cases of clients suffering from prominent physical symptoms are found that turn out to be related with a traumatic event in their current life or in their past life stories. Cases described in the literature involve serious physical complaints, some of which are classified as psychosomatic in the medical field, which when addressed in regression therapy sessions can lead to substantial relief and often to rapid recovery of body and mind.

For his focus on the body, Roger Woolger will remain forever in the history of regression therapy.  He introduced and taught the value of working with the experience of the body, including in his approach the concept that “the body tells its own story”. He combined, in his Deep Memory Process, body psychotherapy (W. Reich) and psychodrama (Moreno) to release the traumatic memories embedded in particular parts of the body.

This 5th World Congress will honor the contribution of Roger Woolger to the field bringing the theme “Mind healing Body, Body healing Mind in Regression Therapy”. This theme hopes to reveal: the interaction between body and mind; how regression therapy sessions affect and modify the physiology of the body; how the pain from an accident is imprinted as a body memory and stays for years; how a traumatic event affects and causes a kind of somatic scar or imprint that continues from one lifetime to another; how the symptom disappears after regression therapy? Is there any research that explains this phenomenon? What do the medical and psychological fields tell us about it? What advances in neuroscience can help to understand the effects of regression therapy?

What do you think about this? Have you done any research? What are your results with Regression Therapy?

Participate. We welcome your contribution.

Looking forward to seeing you in Porto.

Sueli Simoes
Maria Angelina Pereira

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