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VISA. When possible we advise that you apply for a tourist e-visa on-line at Applications should be made on-line between four and thirty days before the day of travel. The list of nationalities with agreements on e-visas are displayed on their home page. If your country is not listed, then please make enquiries at the Indian Consulate in your own country. For our Turkish nationals, visa issues can be addressed at the Turkish language website

To assist with visa applications each attendee should receive an email with a letter from Radisson Blu hotel in Goa confirming your attendance at WCRT6. Please email any queries on supporting letters from the hotel for visa applications to


VACCINATIONS The official health agency within your own country will offer formal advice for travellers to India and we can only recommend that attendees heed that advice. Even so there are many European travellers to India that state that vaccinations have simply not been necessary for them. Also Radisson Blu hotel wash food, such as salad in purified water and are quite familiar with the needs of international travellers.


TRAVEL We understand that you cannot buy Indian Rupee prior to arriving in India, so this can be addressed on arrival. However some banks can offer a Travel Money Card that can be used in India. For those that wish to take that option, please check with banks in your own country before travel.

Many travellers will find that international flights to Goa will stop at Mumbai. These are some handy hints to help, yet we encourage you to check with your airline booking for the most accurate information.

International flights arrive at Mumbai Airport's Terminal 2. If your connection to Goa is by Air India, Jet Airways and Vistara; no problem, your plane will depart from the same terminal.

Yet if your connection to Goa is by SpiceJet, IndiGo and GoAir then you will depart from the other terminal; Terminal 1. Terminals are 5km far one from other, and the only option to go from one to another is using taxi or the fixed rate Inter-Terminal transportation service.

You may want to check this link:


FURTHER ADVICE We have also received some further advice from Tamarind Global, a tour operator that is working with many attendees that embark on a tour of India immediately following the world congress. It is added here for our convenience. Some comments support our original advice and some comments are useful extra advice and is not specific to our hotel in Goa.


Please note that all comments given on this page are made with our best endeavours only.

If you have already booked your flight, please give your flight information to They are working on the taxi arrangements, so if you would like to be taken to the hotel by us, you need to tell us when you are arriving!
If you have not yet booked your flight: WCRT6 Organizing Team has just made a deal with special flight charges. All you have to do is contact Mr Bhavin on this email:, point out that you are a participant of the WCRT6 and give the dates of in flights and outgoing flights.

It might be possible that the participants have a stop-over in Mumbai. The international flights arrive at International Terminal T2 and domestic flights belonging to airlinAes such as Jet Airways, Air India and Vistara Airlines fly from International Terminal itself (even for domestic destinations). If the participants have flights on other airlines booked to Goa, then they will have to move to Domestic Terminal. Please take the assistance of the airport staff for guidance to move towards the right counter.


We suggest to convert foreign currencies to INR (Indian Rupee) at Mumbai Airport transit area itself. This is the most major city and provides better opportunity than Goa, which is a smaller airport 

September mostly is a post-rainy season, hence the chances of rains are generally rare. Temperature in India is generally in the range of 27 - 35 degrees Celsius.



India is a conservative country. While visiting any temples, mosques or any religious places / old parts of any city, it is better to wear casual attire covering major part of the body. For your comfort, please wear casual, light weight clothing, glares and comfortable shoes.



Comfortable clothing, Sun Glasses, caps, Cameras, Extra Batteries, Chargers, Comfortable Walking Shoes.



All major banks have branches and ATMs in cities around India and definitely in or close to cities of tourist interest.



All  major  credit card  companies  have  a  strong  presence in  India  and payments  can  be  made through their cards (except Diners Club Cards)


Is completely optional and personal, depending on the participants' satisfaction. For instance - INR 50 per Person per Tour for Guide & between INR 100 Per Person for the driver depending how happy the participants were with their tour.






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