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"Finding Creativity in the ‘Shadow' "

Trisha Caetano (USA)

Manifesting our creativity demands that we discover and own the most terrifying aspects of who we are. Too often our greatest abilities and strengths are completely unconscious and feared. Owning our ‘Shadow Self" is actualizing the "Transcendental Self'. Owning the 'Shadow' allows the freedom of infinite creation. The ‘Shadow' is energies that are natural and instinctual, energies which have been disowned over time. Integrative regression therapy is the most profound way of accessing these unconscious and denied parts of who we are because the ‘Shadow' is anchored in the past. What lies and distortions have we internalized regarding our own creativity? Creativity is thinking outside of the box, not being afraid to take risks or make mistakes. Creativity is the ability to expand our minds and awareness beyond conventional limits. It is about relating in new ways to people in our personal relationships. More important, creativity requires eliminating the terror of the past so we can relate in new ways to ourselves. Removing the blocks to our creativity is a creative process. Having the courage to express who we truly are is creative. It is having the confidence to create our lives instead of fearing and hiding from life. Creativity is seizing from every moment its uniqueness. In this two day, experiential training, we will be delving into all aspects of our creativity, recovering what we have disowned, recovering what we think we have lost, what we believe we never had. Recovering our ‘Transcendental Self', we can then creatively integrate and use our abilities, our desires into ‘now time' expression.

Trisha Caetano received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and has done post‑graduate studies at Portland State university. She studied Client‑Centered Therapy under Carl Rogers at U.C.S.D. and has a background in Gestalt Therapy, Regression Therapy and Psychosynthesis.

Trisha is internationally known as a pioneer in Inner Child Integration and Regression Therapy and has done trainings for psychotherapists in six countries. She was President of the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies Inc. (APRT), a world-wide organization of professionals focused on regression as a therapeutic tool in healing. She was director of their training team to certify therapists in regression therapy.

Trisha was invited to come to the Netherlands to do a training in regression therapy for professionals. In a demonstration during the training she included Inner Child work in the healing and integration part of the session. Students wanted to learn more about this method and she was asked to return. Since then she has taught this paradigm for 11 different institutes in the Netherlands.

Graduates from these institutes wanted more in‑depth training so the one year Inner Child Integration therapy training was started in 1994. Students continued to request a longer program so the two year training started in 1999.

Trisha travels internationally lecturing and training professionals. Published in professional journals and magazines internationally, Trisha has been featured on national and international television and radio programs. She has trained more than 700 medical doctors in Japan in inner child work and regression therapy. She features in the new EARTh movie about regression therapy.

She is known as a vibrant and knowledgeable presenter, educator and trainer in the fields of interpersonal and transpersonal development. She brings energy, humor, insight and empathy to her work.

"Psychobiology & Regression Therapy Decoding the Psychic Roots of Disease "

by Diba Ayten Yilmaz (Turkey)/ Marie-Ginette Rheault (France)

Psychobiology & Regression Therapy Decoding the Psychic Roots of Disease In this unique workshop we combine the knowledge of two very powerful works, Psychobiological program of diseases and Regression therapy, to help find the "root cause" of issues, blockages or diseases and accelerate the therapy process. Psychobiology is a remarkable and innovative approach to accessing important inner resources that can powerfully support the healing of body and mind. This body of knowledge is constantly evolving and finds itself more and more validated by recent discoveries in neuroscience, quantum physics and cellular biology. In the "psychobiology work" we use to consider a human being as a "triad": psyche, automatic brain and body. The disease is shown as the automatic brain's response to a specific stress that occurred in the person's life. The facilitator helps the client to bring back to the surface emotions, beliefs or interpretations that have been recorded through specific circumstances that he/she is no longer aware of. Themes:

What is the emotional shock behind a specific illness or way of behaving?
Survival function of the brain
Our holographic memories
Repetitive life cycles
Decoding the psychic roots of some conditions with examples, regarding diseases, behaviors that concern directly the problems of the participants.
How to combine this knowledge with Regression Therapy
How to use it as a preventive medicine
This workshop is experiential in nature and intended to help the participants enhance their own awareness of the correlation of the emotional conflicts and illnesses they themselves and their clients may have. It will show how to combine the "Psychobiology knowledge" with the work of "Regression Therapy" to help resolve the conflict beneath the issue. By revealing the nature of the stress recorded through our personal and family history we obtain keys to overcome and resolve them which will give way to healing.

Marie-Ginette Rheault is a psychotherapist, coach and trainer, Marie-Ginette's experience led her to deepen several disciplines such as sophrology, NLP, old Chinese Medicine Psychology, and innovating concepts such as psychobiology, cellular memories and symbolic works. Her work and modalities comes out of her desire to help people gain knowledge of their inner world, expand their consciousness, and increase their sense of personal well-being while fulfilling their unique human and spiritual potential. Of Canadian origin, Marie-Ginette consults and conducts seminars in Europe.

Diba Ayten Yilmaz is is an IBRT Level III Certified Regression therapist graduated from Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA) as a Regression Therapist. She has Foundation Level of Hypnosis Certificate from PLRA. She has also been trained and got a certificate in Life Between Life Regression Therapy by Linda Backman . She has a certificate as a Trainer by IBRT and she is an aprroved Trainer by PLRA (Past Life Regression Academy). She is working as a full time regression therapist since 2005. She worked as Andy Tomlinson's Assistant Trainer and supervisor for his Turkey training modules between 2006-2007. And she has started to give Past Life Regression Therapy Training in Turkish in September 07 in Turkey. With Andy Tomlinson's encouragement since then she is giving Regression Therapy Training in Turkish. Diba and her husband Muammer has opened a workshop place and conducting the trainings there as residential since 2010. She is also conducting group workshops. Radianced Past Life Regression Therapy Training program has been approved by IBRT in June 2008 and recognized by EARTh in April 2009. She is a certified member of EARTh and certified member of IBRT (International Board for Regression Therapy). She now serves as an EARTh Board member and chairs the EARTh College.

"THE SUBTLE CROWBAR: Regression as a craft and as a creative art"

by Hans TenDam (Netherlands)


Participants will be able after attending my presentation to work more creatively by:

Finding what feels naturally and comes naturally in a session opening up and at the same time grounding themselves during a session improvising on the basis of good, solid practice aligning themselves to the issue at hand, to the clients with their baggage, and to their own strengths and weaknesses finding and navigating the flow in the session 

Description: The workshop will consist of a series of short, inspiring presentations, followed by individual experiences in group sessions, discussing them in small groups that will stay together a whole day, and exploring some issues in demo sessions. Presentations will be summarized in handouts. They will include inspirations from five sages probably little known to participants: the classic Chines taoist Chang-Tzu, the fearless renaissance analist Niccolo Machiavelli, the broadest known historian Arnold Toynbee, the father of general semantics Alfred Korzybski (grandfather of NLP), and the father of personal success literature Napoleon Hill. One of the fathers of psychology, William James, may be quoted in between.

Hans TenDam graduated in psychology and pedagogy at the University of Amsterdam. He has been management consultant since 1970. Being interested in reincarnation, he stumbled into past-life regression therapy and found he had a knack for it. He wrote many books, a.o. Exploring Reincarnation and Deep Healing. He started the WCRTs and EARTh. He has been board member of IARRT and of EARTh. He has been educating regression therapists since 1983. He works in Dutch, English, Portuguese and German. He is TASSO INTERNATIONAL founder and teacher.




WS 1 - "Unlocking the Blocks for the Creation of a Healthy, Happy New Human Life."

Helen Craven (UK)


We will address the following issues

- Infertility - how can we unblock the resistant body to enable the creation of the new human life? Creating the body that is ready for giving birth with ease Removing blocks within the parents that will inhibit the creativity of the child. Preparation for good parenting. If we draw an analogy of creating a human life with other creative works, it is the process essentially different from inventing a machine, or a painting, or a book, or a story? We can find blocks to all of these, either physical, or psychological. We can look at the amazing creations of tortured souls, Van Gogh or Munch or Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Some might say that we are more creative when our senses are sharpened by grief or fear, but I would contest this. Our greatest creation - that of a human baby - thrives and survives when it is conceived and held in love. The parents too are better placed to help the child grow into a productive and inspired adult when they have love in their lives. If an artist or writer feels love for themselves and the world, then they will also have sharpened senses when they see injustice and cruelty in the world, so their work might be just as powerful as the tortured souls we hold up as examples of the 'genius through pain' theory.

1 I'm working on the premise that we need to have love as our starting point.

2 We often see love as - conditional - or absent When we lack love we allow in fear. What can happen when we are fearful - Infertility Painful Birthing Anxious babies and children unhappy or dysfunctional adults

Helen Craven is the author of An Inside Job and offers regular workshops at both of our centres on how to work effectively with her book. She is available for appointments every Wednesday 17:00-21:30 at our Notting Hill centre for the following therapies: Past Life Regression, 5 - PATH Hypnotherapy Hypnobirthing (for mother and birthing partner), Hypnotherapy for smokers (2 sessions), Pregnancy Massage, Reiki, 7 -PATH Self Hypnosis sessions, The Balance Procedure, Therapeutic Massage.



WS 2 - "The Box of Self-Treasures: Inviting inspiration to become part of your everyday life and the seed to your latent creative resources."

Athanasios Komianos (Greece)


Realize your physical hindrances and unblock your mental restrains.
Realize that we all have latent capacities that can be enhanced.
Expand your metanormal capabilities.
Make inspiration a part of your everyday life.
Transform inspiration to something visible; transform it to creativity.
Description: All of us have an artist within us, a persona that deviates from normalcy and a subliminal self who has access to deep and unlimited resources. In this course we will focus on the ability to use more of our physical structure (body, heart and brain) by employing our mental, psychic and spiritual capacities to retrieve latent talents and dormant faculties. The theoretical part will provide the evidence that our human abilities can exceed by far our average, day by day, "common sense" knowledge of what we are really capable of doing. It will bring evidence about the physical and mental extraordinary exceptional experiences of geniuses. It will provide us with anecdotal evidence of such realities and its transmarginal permeability. The second part of the workshop will focus on specific practices and will provide guidelines of how one could provide exercises for the development and growth of our transcendental, metanormal capacities by inviting inspiration, flowing along our dream life, and doing long-term homework. It is planned to be a full day workshop while a handout with highlights and exercises for home use will be delivered to the participants.

Athanasios Komianos (friends call him Nassos) was born in Kifisia, Greece in 1964. He moved to the United States where he studied psychology in Rose State College at Oklahoma City. Soon he moved into Oklahoma University and he finally graduated from Old Dominion University at Norfolk Virginia in 1985, as a sociology graduate. He had to abandon his graduate work and return to Greece for family reasons. His interest in hypnosis and in the depth psychology was still with him until finally after a very long and torturous detour, he came to practice it as a hypnotherapist at the island of Corfu, Greece. He was approved as a Certified Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and as a Certified Regression Therapist by the International Board for Regression Therapy, he was a member of the IARRT. He also has served at the Board of the Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) as a Vice President (2009-2013) and President (2013-2015).

Since 2013 he has moved back to Kifisia where he is successfully running his therapeutic practice. He is also founder and director of the Greek Academy of Regression Therapy.


nassos@earth-association.org /   info@hypnoscopesis.gr


WS 3 - “Shamanism and Past Life Therapy: the Ecstatic Trance Method and Ritual Posture “The Feathered serpent” Group Ritual”

Elena Ratnichkina (Russia)

Objectives: Humanity has always been looking for techniques to dive into its deep memory. And the common way to reach and explore your inner realities in various cultures is state of trance. What we call “past life regression” today is what old shamans called “travelling in the spirit”. They used sound and rhythm to shift one’s filters of perception and help the soul to temporarily leave its vessel, i.e. physical body and undertake an amazing journey to find answers.Not so long ago US anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman reinvented another key component of these journeys – special, so called “trance”, body postures, which have been applied in many different cultures all over the world to go beyond ordinary consciousness. Her method, which she called “ecstatic trance”, helps to make within really short period of time a valuable inner journey, which can bring healing, allow to live through past life scenarios, work with emotional trauma and many other.As the theme of the Congress is Creativity I invite you to explore your meaningful incarnations with help of Ecstatic Trance Method and Ritual Body Posture “The Bear Spirit” as another one path into depths of spiritual memory, collective and individual unconsciousness and its narratives. I will carry group ritual during which each and every one of workshop participants will have a chance to experience this method.

Description:   powerful burst of energy, healing activation, renovation, initiation, protection and safety, confidence in life.Ecstatic Trance Method is one of that profound and easy to learn paths of self understanding and any inner problem solving based on considerate shamanic traditions and ideas of spirit, soul and body unity and harmonization. This method allows to work and deal with great variety of requests or aspirations – self-determination, finding your own path or purpose, all kinds of healing (diseases, relationships), activation of changes in any sphere of life.As part of the Past Life Therapy the Ecstatic Trance Method can be used as a technique to help sceptical and mind centred clients to overcome their resistance to altered states of consciousness, to elaborate skills for trance before traditional PL therapy sessions or after them to help clients complete and integrate the PL experiences through this delicate work on physical body level. It is also effective and simple instrument for unsupervised exploration of the PL realities.

Elena Ratnichkina – is analytical psychologist, past life therapist, practitioner and researcher in shamanism. By status Elena is Head of the Association of Specialists and Researchers in the Field of Deep Memory and Past Life Regressions (Russia) and on the other hand Head of the Felicitas Goodman Institute for Trance Oriented Psychology (Russia).



WS 4 - "Creating Your Own Life Path"

Tülin Etyemez Schimberg (Turkey)

Creating Your Own Life Path How to change and transform blockages who is holding us to move in life? How to manifest the life purpose? At this workshop participants will practice to get awareness about the blockages when they are moving forward in life. There will be group exercises related to reach unconscious resources. You will learn some useful techniques to help your clients how to change the disadvantages to the advantages. And we will play a joyful unconscious manifesting game together.

Tulin Etyemez Schimberg has a Board Certification with IBRT as a level IV Past Life Regression Therapist and DMP (Deep Memory Process) Practitioner. Tulin obtained a B.S. degree of Geological Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in 1996. She was certified as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner of Median Therapies by AAMET; trained by Jeffrey Ryan and Janet Cunningham (The World Regression Institute) in regression; trained by Roger Woolger and Juanita Puddifoot on DMP; trained by Juanita Puddifoot and Leo Rutherford on shamanic journeying. She is the vice president and board member of Metaphysical Investigations and Scientific Research Society (MISRS) and a member of Foundation for Spreading the Knowledge to Unify Humanity (BILYAY Foundation). Tulin is one of the founder members of EARTh. She was board member of EARTh Association between 2006 and 2011. She is at the Programming Committee and she organizes Annual Conventions of EARTh every year. She was appointed as the chair of the organization committee of the Fourth World Congress for Regression Therapists, which held in October 2011, in Turkey. She is teaching regression with her colleague Resat Guner at Unicorn Transformational Studies. info@unicorn-transform.com and www.unicorn-transform.com

WS 5 - "Regression Therapy With The Power of Intention: Possibilities With Newborn and Children"

Marc Van Hecke (Belgium)


Feeling tension in a baby's body
Discovering charges which disturb baby's health
Making those charges evolve or disappear
Resolving birth, prenatal and P.L. trauma in newborn babies
Doing exactly what we do with adults, but with other tools

Wouldn't it be nice if we could solve problems and release charges with young children, even babies? With normal regression therapy it is impossible because conversation is needed. But with kinesiology, non-verbal communication and the power of intention, we can! Newborn babies carry their past in their aura. If you take contact you can feel and influence the body tension and charges they carry from past lives, birth and prenatal trauma.

Marc Van Hecke (Osteopath D.O., BSc.) was born 1954 in Zele, Belgium. Diplomas were received in physical therapy, 1976; in Osteopathy at the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO), Ghent, Belgium, 1995; and in Regression and Past-life Therapy, at Tasso, Netherlands, 2011. He taught osteopathy at the IAO from 1995 to 2010. As an International lecturer, he gave several workshops in Belgium and abroad, a.o.: The Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, about osteopathy and regression therapy when working with babies and young children. He also lectured at the EARTh [Earth Association for regression therapy] convention in Kleve, Germany in 2012, gave a demonstration at the EARTh convention in Tallinn, Estonia, 2013 and spoke at the WCRT 5 [World congress for regression therapy] in Porto, Portugal, 2014. He is also guest lecturer in the Belgian Academy for Transpersonal regression therapy (ATRB).

WS 6 - "Integrated Sound Pharmacy Therapy (ISPT): Therapy for Deeper Healing."

Prakriti Poddar (India)


1. Using Sound/Music Bites to elicit deeper memories.

2. To evoke greater emotions through the vibrations at a cellular level.

3. To identify sounds that help in the healing process

4. To identify and create a sound first-aid kit for the client's remedial personal use.

5. To be used by the therapist to alter habits, fears and phobias.

Description: We all know the benefits of Sound/Music Therapy, however the extent of benefits has never before been explored in conjunction with Hypnotherapy, NLP and Regression Therapy. I have worked on creating a supremely deep and effective inter-woven therapy with sound and music that results in long lasting benefits and can additionally be used for remedial purposes at home. Participants will be walked through a history of sound therapy and scientific research to highlight the advantages of this integrated therapy. This will include the basic functioning of our brains and its neuroplasticity. The history is the only theory and once that is established the program runs through with experiential learning. Participants will benefit greatly from attending this course, as they will learn to identify sounds/music that the client in tuned into and sounds that the clients don't much appreciate. This knowledge will first be established in the introductory and following stages of therapy. 1 A Sound Bite: brief recorded music piece: instrumental, nature, or even brief catchy comment or saying Once in the regression they will learn how to deepen an experience as the client works with their memories. This enhancing skill leads the client further into the trauma. Therefore, the practitioner learns a lot about their own limitations and fear around deep trauma and will be forced to learn the skill to stay in the depth of their clients suffering. The practitioner will be armed with a Cd full of sound bites that they can use for the therapy purposes. They will be taught to create a personalized sound medicine and keynotes for the clients at home remedial therapy.
Prakriti Poddar is working in the area of Mental Health since 1999. She started Mind Over Image Consulting in 2001, with the keynote ‘it’s not a make over; it’s a mind over’. She has spent many years in HR Development for Organizations Training personnel in soft skill development, succession planning and behavioral modification. She has created the ‘HIP Technique’, which is a tool that identifies the holistic journey of health and wellness in order to bridge the gaps of the individual’s journey into holistic wellness. This tool is currently being deployed at a well established international firm in Mumbai, India.Prakriti is a certified counsellor, a clinical hypnotherapist, and an NLP practitioner who uses Tarot, sound and Crystal healing within her integrated healing practice.She completed the Tasso Transpersonal Regression Therapy Programme in the Netherlands. Prakriti Poddar has additionally participated two workshops given by iParrt, as well as studied under Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute. Prakriti has run her own practice since 2002. She is also a member of EARTh.
Website: http://www.mindoverimage.com
Email: prakriti@mindoverimage.com



WS 7 - "The Courage of Creativity - A conscious soul Journeyback to the very origin of your individual self consciousness"

Marion Boon (Netherlands)

Obstruction in creativity, lacking imagination or initiative to transfrom situations for the better, can be a sincere topic for therapeutic regression work. A Soul Surgery needs to be performed, where the personality will be empowered to dive into the deep in order to find, understand and transform hidden programs. The very charges and emotions which go together with that lack of creativity, contain the openings to undo them. Indeed: the solution is IN the problem. But it needs a good Soul Surgery to heal it. When we are in the trance of a problem, the frequencies of all ingredients are presenting themselves. We can travel back in time on those waves of the past. When we are in the trance of in-depth regression, where modified states of consciousness (and adapted stages of logic) are used to their full potential, origins and causes of these components are revealed. Consequences in the present become clear. Insights arise. With that, energies can disentangle: the surgery is done.
Marion Boon is a therapist and International Trainer, multilingual practice Offering Seminars in Regression Specialties & Energy Surgery Workshops for Professionals, and workshops for the general public Marion Boon is a co-founder of EARTh Association and WCRT Congresses. She participates in Program Committee and College Committee. Marion is a IBRT certified therapist since 2000, international Lecturer and Trainer since 2003. Both for Tasso International programs in Transpersonal Regression Therapy techniques, as for Tasso Instituut HQ in the Netherlands. Marion started IPARRT Practice, offering Applications and Specialties in Regression techniques, psycho-dynamic Field work and Energy Surgery. At WCRT or EARTh gatherings, Marion presents Advanced Trainings / workshops: Sharing experience in experiential approach. Her Mensics® institute offers seminars and uses TRT as a tool in communication expertise, a vivid example of what she names ‘Spirit-in-Action!'

WS 8 - "Understanding the energy fields that interact with the client, therapist and other dimensions"

Juanita Puddifoot (UK)

Understand concerning issues related to trauma of the soul how this can manifest in fantasy, creatures, colour the connection with other worlds Rituals to help the client after sessions understanding some Deep Memory Process techniques. What is real or imagination? Stories that have colour, mythical creatures, aliens, gods, past lives, earth spirits. What is the story telling us about the issues/ trauma of the client, the influences and the wounded soul? How do we work with this? How do we ground this experience? We will be using individual and group exercises to explore and work with Deep Memory Process and other techniques. We will also discuss how clients can benefit from shamanic rituals and ceremonies during and after sessions.

Juanita Pudifoot has worked for over 25yrs as a professional counsellor, therapist and trainer in the area of psychotherapy, metaphysics, spiritual and self-development. From her childhood experiences, she realised that the world is in fact a ‘Sea of vibrating energy' that in this mix there are many differing types of external and internal influences that effect individuals. Having a keen desire to help bring transformation for people Juanita embarked on exploring which methods, approaches and techniques would effectively help individuals change their lives.

Over the years Juanita has found that there are some core influences, which when explored and transformed can bring huge changes. These range from difficult unresolved childhood experiences, fragmentation of psyche, trauma, family dynamics, unfinished business from our Ancestors, residues and binding contracts from Past Lives, Spirit attachments and negative environmental energies of place, home and office.

Energy Gateways was founded by Juanita to provide teaching programmes which are a synthesis of ancient techniques and practical exercises, that through the exploration of energetic fields, brings to awareness and helps to heal the deep seated energetic structures that hold us back and bind us, hindering us from becoming the individual that we were truly born to be.

Juanita works with individuals, groups and organizations by exploring and working with the ‘energetic worlds' utilizing methods such as Deep Memory Process, (DMP, a form of regression therapy), shamanic practice. Inspired and influenced by psychodrama, action methods, mind techniques such as Neo Linguistic Programming. Including the Esoteric practices of Western and Eastern spiritual traditions, especially the ancient traditions of communication with the ‘other worlds' Gods and Goddesses, Plant spirits and Earth deities.

An important stage on Juanita's journey was working with the late author and grail seeker Dr Roger Woolger Ph.D (creator of Deep Memory Process, past life regression therapy) in Britain, France, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. She is one of the Chief Trainers of DMP and is part of the Woogler Training International professional council that oversees his work and continues his legacy worldwide. She also collaborated with Dr Woolger for a number of years in the radical technique of collective spirit release called Ancestral Field Work. Together they led tours to major sacred sites in ancient Egypt, including guiding groups in sacred ceremonies.

She has trained numerous people over the years to be sensitive to their subtle energy bodies and connect with other realities in a practical and grounded way. Using her therapeutic skills she supports people to explore their own inner journeys of healing and empowerment. The comments and feedback she has received over the years confirms her ability as a highly skilled teacher.

Having worked with the "unseen worlds" in some form or another throughout her life, she has completed several professional training's that have helped give shape to and helped hone her innate skills that enable her to work professionally and ethically with a wide variety of clients.


WS 9 - "Regression Therapy With NLP, Breath-Work, Perceptual Positions, Ancestral Clearing and Parallel Life Possibility"

Ameeta Sanghavi Shah (India)

Objetives: After attending this presentation participants can:

Enable clients to recover lost resourceful energy easily
Enable a quicker resolution with an instant breakthrough with these processes
Clients can feel empowered even as they connect to trauma events
Enable your client to gain deeper understanding of karma and mind life correlations by gaining an overview of the theme of the present life story and how it got played out.
Recognize and recover the lost resource that affected them from their ancestral lineage
Description: Learn key NLP and integrated processes to use within regressions to snap the client out of the trance of helplessness into the trance of possibility. This enables quicker recovery of lost potentials, an understanding of why and renewed possibilities, even glimpsing parallel realities. The client heals the ancestral lineage that resulted in these lost resources. Finally, the client can gain an overview of the theme and an integration of the healed selves back to the here and now

Ameeta Sanghavi Shah is a Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Master NLP trainer, Hypnotherapist and founder Center for Positive Power. Intrigued by the power our multi-dimensional self, exerts in our wellness and our external story has led her into studying deeply spiritual truths, karma, energy and mind therapies. Her consultations, workshops and contributions to newspapers and magazines on mind body soul connections to relationships and wellness have been well received and benefitted many people from all walks of life.



WS 10 - "Unlocking Your Inner Child with Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) and Bodywork"

Dr. Sunita Patel (India)


Recognising your inner child
Release your pent up or repressed emotions through DMT
Work with body- understanding the body and being comfortable with your body
Healing at physical and spiritual level
Kinesphere - recognising and using your own personal bubble of space
Positive mental health
Can be used in individual and group set up.

Although I do not actively work in the field of past life and regression, my exposure to ARTS - works of stalwarts like Dr Hans and Trisha and my constant association with CLA, has given me this insight of incorporating DMT to unlock the inner child in a creative way. However, during my practice as a Dance and Movement Therapist with individual clients and group set up, current life and inner child repressed issues of trauma, violence and abuse do surface, which are resolved through DMT processes. DMT is an alternative psychosocial approach to recovery and healing for numerous populations where it focuses on four key areas for the development of the individual: physical well-being, healing, positive mental health, and empowerment.

Specialized Use: Mental health set up- people suffering from Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Hysteria, OCD Special groups- Prison, Juvenile remand homes, shelter homes, Orphanage Children- Hyperactive children, ADHD, learning disabilities, special children Geriatrics- bringing the inner child out Prenatal- connecting to your child in womb (positive inner child work) Terminal illness- patients suffering from cancer, HIV and other diseases and also families of same Community- For specific use to bring about social change.

Dr Sunita Jai Patel is a 51year old homeopath, counselor, Dance and Movement Therapist and yoga therapist. Qualifications Homoeopathy - L.C.E.H. (Mumbai- CMPHMC) Counseling- D.C (TISS- Gold medalist & best student of the year) DMT (TISS- first batch of certified DMT therapist in India) Yoga Therapist- Teacher's training course (Yoga Institute- Santracruz east).

Writing health columns in leading news papers & magazines in four languages such as

 Mid-day  Bombay Times  Indian Express - sabrang  Samna  Gujarat Samachar  Chitralekha Published more than five hundred articles on various health aspects over a period of ten years.

"Research on Past-Life Regression Using Magnetic Resonance"

Alfonso Crosetto (Italy)

Magnetic Functional Resonance is one of the most advanced and precise instrument used in modern medicine to identify the area of the brain activity. Is used to study the brain activity and to discover which area of the brain are activated when a subject is performing a brain activity. Many doubts arise from the scientific community when we speak of Past Life Regression. Metaphors, projection, symbolic representation, false memory, are the most common way to describe a Past Life Experience from a skeptical, scientific point of view. What about using a very advanced scientific instrument to capture what is the brain activity when a subject is in a Past Life Regression? This is the journey we decided to follow. Not easy, we decided to play hard: Two different RM (Tesla 1,5 and Tesla 3) in two different hospitals. Different subject: male, female, different age, different hypnotic ability and beliefs. Different moment of checking of the brain activity: Relaxation, deepening, entering in a past life, moment of deep experience in a past life, moment of death in a past life, spiritual realm. And what is at the moment the result? Are the skeptical scientific minds right? Only area of hypothalamus what is old memory of the brain - body are activated? Or something new is coming out? Join this presentation if you like to know.

Alfonso Crosetto has a Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy from the Past Life Regression Academy where he also studied Life Between Life Regression. He also has a Diploma in Past Life Therapy from the Brian Weiss Institute USA. Alfonso is a Clinical Counseling Analyst specializing in Hypnosis, and studied Tradititonal Oriental Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology and Shamanism. He has expertise in spiritual healing techniques, self healing techniques, removal of the unconscious mechanism of self sabotage, development and strengthening of the personal inner resources. Alfonso deepened his studies with NLP, Coaching, Emotional Balancing, Metamedicine, Reiki, Chi neng Qi Gong and Theta Healing. He is also an advanced teacher in Theta Healing.



WS 11 - "The Labyrinth - A portal into regression and healing"

Aasha V. Warriar (India)


Hands-on experiential workshop using the walking meditation

Allowing the intuitive to be the directing force and permitting the analytical mind to take a step back.

Accessing the deep silence of our souls thereby becoming empowered to recognize and release redundant thought forms and ascend in consciousness and being.

Transmuting intent into physical manifestation using the sacred space of The Great Silence

Deeply cleansing the chakras by recognizing and releasing unresolved energy blocks of this lifetime.

Accessing inner children, inter-lives and past lives-soul healing

Can be used with individual clients as well as groups


The Labyrinth, a part of sacred geometry, is a poweful geometric symbol which our sub-conscious mind recognizes as a symbolic entry point into a non-physical communication with ourselves. Whilst physically walking within the labyrinth, we create a vortex of energy that acts as our own inner temple.

Aasha Warriar - Teacher-Trainer-Therapist at the Tasso-platform since 2011. She has a master's degree in human physiology and genetics and brings eight years of corporate experience and more than ten years of training experience from this field. She is one of the Founder-Directors at Clover Leaf Learning Academy Pvt Ltd (CLA), Mumbai, India. She is a trainer with TASSO International and has studied Inner Child Integration Therapy with Trisha Caetano. She worked many years with in the field of clinical hypnotherapy, teaching and developing workshop materials and training centers in India, UAE, Hong Kong and Nepal. She has authored two editions of "From Mediocrity to Madness", her book based on successful past-life regression cases in India. At the WCRT5 in Porto, she presented Cellular rhythms: a new paradigm in healing, using music for regression work which encapsulates the modalities she has learnt and developed with time. CLA organizes the annual Asian Reincarnation and Theosophical Seminar (ARTS) each year and invites trainers and therapists from the world to share their expertise with students and therapists in India.

WS 12 - "Using Progression to Unfold Creativity - Integrating Past, Present and Future"

Sérgio Werner Baumel (Brazil)


Understand the concept of Progression within the scope of Regression Therapy;

Know techniques to elicit Progression;
Learn useful intervention possibilities and strategies to use in Progression therapy;
Learn how to join Regression and Progression to unleash creativity in the present;
Acknowledge possibilities, dangers and limitations of Progression in therapy.

Progression is a hypnotic phenomenon akin to Regression, but with its own specificities. It can be used within the context of Regression Therapy, with the power of expanding possibilities for the client, showing what he/she could achieve in the future. This workshop will enable participants to know how to elicit Progression and how to help clients change their decisions and actions positively in the present, unleashing courage and creativity.

Sergio W. Baumel, M.D., MSc., is a physician and psychologist, specialized in clinical neurology, intensive care medicine and clinical sexology. He's had full professional training in psychoanalysis, ericksonian hypnotherapy and regression therapy. With a large experience in teaching and lecturing, Sergio is president of the 6th National Congress of Regression Therapy (to be held in Vitoria, ES, in September 2017). Former president of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Espirito Santo (IMHEES), he is a founding member and currently vice-president of the Society for Medical Advance and Research with Regression Therapy (SMAR-RT) and also founding member and currently president of the Capixaba Society of Psychotherapy Studies (Socepsi). Sergio has written articles and book chapters, including “How to use hypnosis on treatment of Major Depression” (in “Brasilian Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis”. Ferreira, M.V.C., Ed. São Paulo: Atheneu, 2013) and “Struggling for Love” and “Assisting Reproduction” (in “Inner Healing Journey – A medical Perspective”. Mack, P., Ed. London: SMAR-RT, 2014). He has recently begun his third graduation course (in Computer Sciences) in Espirito Santo Federal University.

WS 13 - "Energy Techniques in Regression Therapy"

Andy Tomlinson (UK)


Intuitively tuning into a client's energy field to identify the deeper issue associated with a client's problem
Energetic ways of locating and clearing emotional energy blockages
Different types of external intrusive energy and ways of clearing it.
Energy hygiene of the regression therapist's energy field and therapy setting
Energy tools that a client can take home.

Everything in the universe is energy as Einstein reminded us. This includes our physical body, and the higher vibration bodies around us carrying our emotions and thoughts. Using creativity to open our intuition this workshop will review some of the energy techniques that can be used with regression therapy for clearing a client's emotional issues and external intrusive energy. It will use a demonstration to show how they can be integrated in a regression therapy session.

Andy Tomlinson has been a psychotherapist and past life explorer for over 20 years and is the Director of training for the Past Life Regression Academy. He was trained by Roger Woolger in his use of body therapy called DMP. Andy is the author of the pioneering books, Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the Eternal Soul that covers his personal research working with regression therapy. He is also the editor of Transforming the Eternal Soul a new book on advanced regression techniques. He is the founder member of the international European Regression Therapy Association, the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the Society of Medical Advance and Research with Regression Therapy.


WS 14 - "Past life from conception until ‘afterdeath': The principle of continuity in regression therapy"

Dr. Pavel S. Gyngazov (Russia)

Regression therapy is a great resource to discover hidden talents and skills, to release inner creativity, and to improve one's self through self-awareness. Working with the unconscious, regression therapists have to develop new methods and effective techniques to enhance the patient's mental and physical well-being, thus becoming more creative as well. Having practiced regression therapy for many years, I have achieved certain results I would like to share. The main principle determining the specificity of my technique is the principle of continuity, according to which I facilitate the patient's successive regression through all incarnation stages. The session usually lasts up to 2 hours and is divided into three parts which, in fact, make up the incarnation continuum: 1. living the incarnation in the physical body chosen by the unconscious mind; 2. living through the moment of death in this incarnation; 3. metamorphoses of the Soul after physical death - the so-called "afterdeath".

Pavel Gyngazov, MD was born on July, 12th 1947 in Tomsk, Russia. In 1966 he graduated from the medical college. Later on after completing a training course at Tomsk Medical Institute (now called Siberian Medical University) in 1976, he got the qualification of a general practitioner. From 1976 till 1983 he worked as an obstetrician. Since 1983, after accreditation, in sexology and psychotherapy.

4749@mail.tomsknet.ru http://pastlife.tsk.ru

WS 16 - "Cellular memories and Metaphors for diseases in Modern Medicine" How Cells Remember and Manifest Diseases.

Dr. Natwar Sharma (India)


To take regression to the next level and establish etiopathological connection with diseases that range from common syndromes to rare disorders.
This is to evoke interest and enthusiasm in the therapist to look deeper into the disease process.
It also leads the way to a new arena in regression that needs to be explored.
A deeper approach with a basic background in medical conditions and pathologies will help regression therapists obtain a more comprehensive understanding of their client's symptoms and their manifestations leading to better results. In doing so, the clients will have a greater sense of clarity, relating past memories and metaphors to their current medical condition

How memories linger in the subtle bodies with attached metaphors and unwind the same
Emotional release and energy work with new perspective towards the disease process affecting the client
Take home by the participants:

1. Approaching the diseases at a deeper level

2. Understanding that most diseases have a pathology

3. Establishing connections with the chief postulate governing the disease bringing clarity to the client

4. Importance of body work

5. Importance of learning about pathology of established diseases


The presentation will include brief introduction about pathology of common diseases to rare syndromes. This will be discussed with the actual cases for a clear understanding. Since it's practically not possible to teach the whole aspect, a CD will be given to the participants which will contain relevant information to guide them during therapy. The content will be explained with animated videos for easy understanding. There will be demonstration after the presentation.

Natwar Sharma, MD is an assistant professor and head of department of Pediatric critical care at Saveetha Medical College Hospital, Saveetha University, Chennai, India.
In regression therapy he got his training by EKAA and TASSO International. He has co authored the book Inner Healing a Journey edited by Dr Mack. He is a professional member of EARTh and SMAART.



WS 16 - "Beliefs, Multidimensional Self and the Creation of Reality"

Kim Crosbie (Netherlands)


Understand that beliefs are the building blocks of reality
Understand the emergence of the Self through current adn past lives based on beliefs
Find their own negative core belief (which has never been discussed before) and their client's negative core beliefs which create negative realities
Understand healing through the Multidimensional Self and its symbolisms of core beliefs
Learn how to create a positive, empowered and authentic reality based on Self love

Therapists will be able to understand the importance of how beliefs create our reality and their patterns. I will demonstrate the emergence of the Self which correlates with personal beliefs. I will demonstrate how a negative core belief creates negative experiences (examples) and how to find them in their clients.  I will demonstrate how the Multidimensional Self heals through symbolisms and how we can observe the transformation of the negative core belief by using symbolisms towards positive change.

Kim Crosbie - "In my mid-twenties, I read many different spiritual perspectives ranging from Gary Zukav to Lynne Mctaggart to Don Miguel Ruiz, only to name a few. In 2005, with the birth of my daughter, who suffered from severe night terrors, propelled me into searching for a solution to help her since all conventional methods were not working. My research eventually took me towards regression therapy. My first regression session was a profound experience which convinced me to study and become a regression therapist. Since acquiring my Diploma in 2012, I've been working with an array of clients with a range of issues such as depression, phobias, border line personality disorder, severe fantom pain, psychic children, gender dysphoria, etc.

Now in my mid-forties, through my realisations and understandings, I've developed a unique method which allows my clients to discover their thought patterns that create the reality they are experiencing. It is no coincidence that our brains are wired to recognise patterns. With the knowledge of their Multidimensional Self (or subconscious Self), they are able to empower themselves and transform their lives."

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