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Workshops Analytical WCRT7

ONLINE PRE-CONGRESS 18-19 September 2021

Three parallel workshops from 10:00 to 17:00

NOTE: All times are in Central European Time CET 

1. HANS TEN DAM (The Netherlands) 

EXPLORING FORCEFIELDS: A new way to explore and heal the soul


  • Introduce a new way of working with new possibilities.
  • Demonstrate this approach.
  • Give participants personal experience with it.
  • Give pointers for practical application.

This institute is the first comprehensive introduction of a new therapeutic experience. It doesn't work with images, thoughts, emotions or somatics.

Clients enter in a soundless and lightless world, sensing forces: pushing, pulling, colliding, expanding, contracting, whirling. They sense lightness and heaviness, thinness and density.

General explorations in this way lead to mind-changing and life-changing experiences. We will also apply it to persistent problems only partially solved by usual regression techniques, like perfectionism, addictions and compulsive behavior in general.

We will start with a precursor of working with naked forces: core issue exploration.


  1. First morning: General introduction and core issue sessions

  2. First afternoon: Samples of forcefield explorations

  3. Second morning: Therapeutic force field interventions for persistent problems

  4. Second afternoon: Therapeutic force field interventions for addictions (please bring your addictions with you)

We will do demos, group experiences and exercises in small groups.

There will be little theory. I have little—so far.


We will do demos, group experiences and exercises in small groups in break out rooms.

 General Daily Schedule :


10:00-11:20 (10 Minute Break)



14:00-15:20  (10 Minute Break)


 Note: This workshop is for Professional Members only

 Biographical Information   

Education: Psychology and pedagogy at the University of Amsterdam

Publications in the field:

  • Exploring Reincarnation, in Dutch. English, Portuguese and Turkish.
  • Deep Healing and Transformation, in Dutch, English, Portuguese, Turkish, German and Bulgarian. Translations in Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Hindi and Gujarati underway.
  • Articles in The Journal of Regression Therapy.
  • Initiation in Everyday Life.
  • A Secretary in the Shop Window.
  • Exploring Regression Therapy: A collection of forty student papers (editor)



  • Training regression therapists in the Netherlands since 1983.
  • Workshops in the USA, Brazil, Portugal, Finland, India, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Turkey, Philippines, Bulgaria.
  • Training programs in Japan, Germany, India, Dubai, Kenya, and Singapore since 2004.


  • Life member of APRT, later IARRT in the States.
  • Certified by IBRT.



2. MARION BOON (The Netherlands) 

the Power of Presence - Transformation of deviations and decisions

Objective of the two days: 

  • Raise awareness of the transformation from Oneness into the field of individual consciousness
  • Disentangle the charges and cross linked values through lifetimes
  • Understand the value of NEW SCIENTIFIC findings from Quantum physics into psycho-dynamic body-energy work
  • Learn how to apply this knowledge in new techniques in Regression therapy 
  • Learn a different way to trace blockages, or to bring a person who is either too much in ‘logic mind’ or too much in ‘dream state’ back into the reality of today, while feeling empowered.

This training will address blockages that are not keeping up with your personal evolution and growth. Transforming got stuck on these points; stalemates are keeping you stuck, slowing down the process of decision making, and are weakening the presence of the personality in charge. We will track and trace these, examine, work toward conscious awareness, free the energy, untangle the core decisions, transform them into a more adequate program for the Here and Now.

Day 1 – Focus on personality and present life stalemates/blockages & dilemmas. Insights and awareness of decisions and cross links in life.

1. Start with short exploring meditation
2. introduction where participants reveal a blockage in PRESENT life
3. Phenomenal teaching of how to work with exactly this given charge
4. Short PPT and theory
5. Group-meditation
6. Sharing peer to peer
7. Demonstration session on topic. Right before or right after lunch
    this demo will be performed as a MASTERCLASS, with techniques
    and deliberations during the process.
8. Q and A on the session
9. Explanation of value of new insights, related to this very session and to the experiences of the group so far. 

10. Group exercise to find overviewing blockages in present life, training the focus, and pin pointing on decisions and ‘false’decisions. 
11. Red flags of cross links on awareness and decisions. In present life. This will involve the epigenetic field of each participant personally, as well as the group gathered here.
12. Yellow flags in order to recognize this in your clients.

13. Time allowing participants can work on each other, with the awoken charges of earlier today.
14. Closure and meditation for integration – focus on Day 2.

Day 2 – Tracing back to the beginning of transformation from Oneness into individual awareness, finding mutations or stalemates through lifetimes. Undoing and freeing the perpetual nodes and cross linking, brings flexible transformation, according to the input of present time.

1. Similar set up. Starting with a focuses meditation on SCAN in the now.
2. Sharing in short round on after-effects.

3. Focus and explanation for the topic of Transformation, from formation to trans – meaning of the word, personal, prepersonal, transpersonal.
4. A short PPT with scientific references, cross reference to Regression and holographic soul work, as well as deep body work with cellular level awareness.
5. Group exercise on stalemate: meaning dilemmas at soul level. Short indication of the yellow flag: how this present appears to be related to your past.
6. Sharing in pairs.
7. Demonstration-session with a participant lunch before or after the demo. Depends on the time needed for processing.
8. The group will be asked to be supervising the session Q and A.
9. Analysis of the session, meaning of the found material, relation to the topic of transformation in soul – level and ‘stalemate’ blockages.
10.  Intention and field, quantum physics in our regression works, meaning and promises for the future. Empowerment for regressionists.
11. Case-examples in groups: What if. 
12. Or to choice: practicing together ongoing on what came up in the group-sessions.
13. Proper closure of the day: cleaning the room and the building. Cleansing ourselves. Repetition of goals and topics, handouts with guidelines. 


Short Biography
The value and healing power of Regression Therapy became a topic for study for me in the early 1990s. That time I had a small practice for natural magnetism (pain relief). I studied philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. When I realized what Transpersonal intelligence and Soul Power can do for us, and the impact of these human potentials, I joined to study with Hans ten Dam (graduated 2000) Ever since I have been working with him - I was there when TASSO was born. From this core we co-founded EARTh and the WCRT congresses. The dynamics in and around the world wide activities of Tasso, the variety of people and backgrounds, the expanding field of applications to which I love to contribute, are inspiring as is the solution focused work itself. I design and create new applications and innovations in the field.  Training brings me to India, USA and many other countries as an international teacher trainer for (EKAA) Tasso, and guest to other wonderful schools in Romania, Belgium and Germany. My practice transformed into a unique Post Graduate institute IPARRT Practice – the Amazing Art! Organizing retreats for professionals - Where I share workshop-formats and special design applications. Those who want to do the work, have plenty of choice!


3. Maria Angelina Pereira (Portugal) 

Transformation and Near-Death Experience

1. What is Transformation?

2. Why does it occur in a Near-Death Experience?

3. Why is it so frequent in therapies in a modified state of consciousness?

4. What does Near-Death Experience and therapy have in common that leads to transformation?

5. How can Transformation be increased/amplified in Therapy?

Transformation occurs at a specific moment for each individual. Sometimes it takes a traumatic moment to make it happen. According to records transformation usually occurs in a Near-Death Experience. Why? What leads to transformation? Very often transformation occurs during therapy. And why is it so frequent in therapies in a modified state of consciousness?


Transformation. What is transformation? Is it just an emotional experience? No! Emotion is a very important factor. It is just one of the many factors involved. Among other factors for transformation to occur there must be a change in conscious perception. The change in perception alters memory, and this alters emotion which also alters memory. All of this implies and leads to changes in neural network and body physiology. And psychologically?

Near-Death Experience (NDE). What is a Near-Death Experience? Albert von St. Gallen Heim was the first to describe Near-Death Experience in 1892. It usually occurs in a traumatic event experienced or felt as life threatening, even though it may also occur in the absence of a life-threatening event – Near-Death Experience-like (NDE-like) event.  Occurs in 10% to 20% of people who come close to death. The person experiences subjective events with vivid images. It may include the perceptual experiences of having a life review, seeing a dark tunnel, seeing the presence of a deceased loved one, a light or a light being, feeling consciously an out-of-body experience or a return into the body. The semiology is common among different people, cultures and religions. The theories proposed to explain the phenomenology of Near-Death Experiences are essentially based on (1) physiological/neurobiological brain network, (2) psychological and (3) mind-brain relationship models. The medical and scientific concepts remain controversial. Bruce Greyson wrote “no one physiological or psychological model by itself could explain all the common features of an NDE. The paradoxical occurrence of a heightened, lucid awareness, and logical thought processes during a period of impaired cerebral perfusion raises particular perplexing questions for our current understanding of consciousness and its relation to brain function. A clear sensorium and complex perceptual processes during a period of apparent clinical death challenge the concept that consciousness is localized exclusively in the brain.”

Why does transformation occur in Near-Death Experiences? Most Near-Death Experiences include emotional, psychological, spiritual and mystical experiences. Transformation will only occur when the experience contributes to a conscious change of perception of life, the meaning of existence of self and a consequent change in the life being lived. A similar experience to Near-Death Experience can be induced by drugs. Does that experience lead to transformation?

Why is transformation so frequent in therapies in a modified state of consciousness? Therapy in a modified state of consciousness leads the patient to a conscious change in perception of the event, the role played in the event and a higher awareness of self. It opens possibilities of a spiritual dimension of self, a sense of meaning, a different perspective of death and consequently of life. 

In a study by Pederzoli, (2019), 44 alleged death experiences between incarnations during regression sessions were analysed using the Italian version of the Near-Death Experience Scale and 18% of experiences were found to have similar results as “true” Near-Death Experiences. Were the experiences transformative? The study does not answer that question. 

What does Near-Death Experience and therapy have in common that leads to transformation? Among other factors Transformation and Near-Death Experience when it leads to transformation are both conscious perceptual experiences. Therapy under modified states of consciousness has the advantage of being guided to focus on the emotional, psychological and spiritual growth resulting from the event.

How can Transformation be increased/amplified in Therapy? Simply with out-of-body experiences? No! There are dangers involved with those experiences. So, how do we amplify transformation? Find out my view at the workshop.

The presentation is divided in 4 parts focusing on the objectives for the workshop. Each part will start with theory and discussion followed by group or individual demonstrations. The workshop will be 50% experiential.


Dr. Pereira is a practicing psychiatrist in Portugal and is organizing and teaching a postgraduate course in hypnosis and modified states of consciousness at Fernando Pessoa University.
Workshops at World Congress and Annual Conventions of EARTh. She was also one of the co-organizers of the 5th World Congress of Regression Therapy, in Porto, in 2015.
Working with Modified States of Consciousness and Regression therapy in my profession on a daily basis.


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