Regression Therapy for Relationship Issues

Regression Therapy for Relationship Issues

Regression Therapy for Relationship Issues EARTh Books EARTh Books

Edited by David Graham.

When the Research Committee of EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy) asked their members ‘What sort of study do you want us to do to help you in your practice?’ The answer that came back by means of a survey was ‘Relationship Issues,’and so we moved on to the next stage of the study.
Twenty regression therapists from around the world went on to offer submissions to questions about their practise, when working with clients that bring relationship issues to therapy.
This book explores the variety of approaches, the common challenges and also the tried, tested and also the innovative techniques from those members of EARTh.
As such, this book is a sample of the experiences of the international Regression Therapist community.

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