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Associations in the field of Regression Therapy and Approved Trainings

Associations in the field of Regression Therapy

Earth Association for Regression Therapy, EARTh.
EARTh aims to improve and enlarge the professional application of regression therapy. EARTh stands for progression in the field of regression - For therapists we offer a network of passionate professional and skilled therapists and trainers. We offer annual conventions, trainings and advanced trainings, work exchanges, videos, educational and informative webinars, members-only forum discussions, research, IRT Journal and articles to keep their skills up to date with the newest developments in regression therapy.

The International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT)
The International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT) Inc. is an independent examining and certifying board for past life therapists, researchers, and training programs. Its mission is to set professional standards for practice, evaluate the preparation and qualifications of practitioners and the quality of training programs, and to issue certificates to those who pass the rigorous evaluation process. It is a not-for-profit corporation registered in New York State. 

Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research
Regression is the general term used to denote Past Life Regression (PLR) and Life-Between-Lives Regression (LBL Regression) and other similar processes, all of which are based on the widely accepted reincarnation model of human existence and have enormous

Spiritual Regression Therapy Association
This is an international association of therapists using Past Life Therapy, Regression Therapy and Life Between Lives Regression that respect the spiritual nature of their clients. They are professionally trained by the Past Life Regression Academy we hold to the highest spiritual ethics and professional standards.​

Sociedad Brasileira de Terapia de Vida Passada
A Sociedade Brasileira de Terapia de Vida Passada - SBTVP é uma sociedade formada por um grupo de médicos e psicólogos interessados no estudo e na pesquisa científica da Terapia de Vida Passada (TVP), bem como no desenvolvimento, pelos seus profissionais 

Associação Brasileira de Terapia Regressiva 
ABTR - - é uma associação sem fins lucrativos, fundada na Bahia em 1998, com o objetivo de unir a classe de terapeutas de regressão de todo o Brasil, promovendo e apoiando cursos, palestras, workshops, encontros, seminários, congressos e eventos, com a fi

Sociedad Portuguesa de Hipnose e Motivacao

Associação Luso-Brasileira de Psicologia Transpessoal

A Associação Luso Brasileira de Transpessoal é uma Instituição que promove a Transpessoal no Brasil por meio de cursos, palestras, workshops e congressos, além de ser a pioneira em programa de Pós Graduação Lato Sensu em Transpessoal no Brasil.

Aprroved Trainings in Regression Therapy by EARTh.

AlmaSoma Instituto Transpessoal – Formação de Técnicas de Psicoterapia Transpessoal (Ilja van de Griend & Mário Resende – Portugal)

Ausbildunginstitut für Regressions- und Reinkarnationstherapie (Christoph & Chanda von Keyserlingk – Germany) nach der Methode CCKey Kurssprache: Deutsch / Courses also available in English.

Ausbildung zum Reinkarnationstherapeuten nach der Methode Netherton (Charlotte Muthesius – Germany)

Evadio – Ausbildung in Rückführungs- und Reinkarnationstherapie (Barbara Scheibel, Ulrike Lohmiller – Germany)

Getting Better School (Bernadeta Hodkova is the head trainer and int the Česká Republika/Slovensko and France)

Past Life Regression Academy (Andy Tomlinson – UK, Italy, Romania, Singapore,  USA) SCHOOL CURRICULUM.

Radianced School (Diba Ayten Yilmaz – Turkey) SCHOOL CURRICULUM

School voor Emotieve Therapie (SET) (Ronald Duchateau – The Netherlands)

Tasso Institute (Hans TenDam – The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, India)  Tasso International also offers a full recognized training program in English

Vita Continua (Milton Menezes – Brazil)

Integration Therapy Training Program and Inner Child Therapy Training and RT for Medical Doctors Training program (Trisha Caetano – The Netherlands, U.S.A, Japan, India)

Holistic Therapy Institute (Marina Paula Eberth – Estonia)

Unicorn Transformational Studies (Tulin Etyemez Schimberg, M. Resat Guner – Turkey)

Woolger Training International (Juanita Puddifoot, Patricia Walsh, Marco Andre Schwarzstein and local recognized trainers)

Sueli Simões, Therapy and Training (Sueli Simoes – Portugal)

The Romanian Institute for Regression Therapy  (Victor Chirea – Romania)

Hypnoscopesis: The Greek Academy of Regression Therapy (Nassos Komianos – Greece)

Academie Transpersoonlijke Regressie België (Academy Transpersonal Regression Belgium)  (Rita Geysens)


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