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Arriving to Baarlo through Schiphol.

Fly to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Follow the train signs (basement of the airport) and hop on the direct train to Venlo

12 minutes to the hour and 18 minutes past there is a direct train from Track 3.

Arriving at Venlo walk over to the bus station on the right and catch bus No 377 to Roermond via Kessel which leaves a few minutes after the train arrives. Get off the bus 14 minutes later at bus stop De Berckt.

You can plan your trip in English on it will give you the times and stops.

Here you can find out how to buy an OV Chipkaart at Schiphol airport.

ALWAYS check in and DON’t forget to check out when you leave the train or bus.

It will cost about 26 euro.

Arriving to Baarlo through Dusseldorf.

You can also choose to travel to Dusseldorf airport. Then you need to go to the Hauptbahnhof of Dusseldorf and take the train to Venlo.

Then again Bus 377 to Roermond via Kessel to bus stop de Berckt Baarlo.

You will need to buy the train ticket online. More detailed information will follow.

Arriving to Baarlo through Weeze.

You need to go to Venlo train/bus station (it is the same place) and from there take bus 377 to Roermond.

Get out at busstop de Bercktjust before Baarlo.

Then you cross the road and walk into the road opposite the busstop. There you will see a golf course on the left and the castle is next to that. (it is only about 250m from the busstop)

Here is the link to the English page for travel to and from Weeze Airport.

Here is the link to take the train:

and  by bus with timetable

You need to make reservations for the bus.

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